1 Finalist Confirms He Won’t Appear In Season 38 With Apparent Producer’s Message


The challenge Runner-up Theo Campbell performed well in his first two seasons before being sidelined with an injured eye. Either way, the former wants to return, even offering to compete without pay. He recently confirmed that he apparently has a place in The challenge 38 thrown before anything dropped in a message from an alleged producer.

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‘The Challenge’ Finalist Confirms He Won’t Appear in Season 38 With Message From Supposed Producer

In August 2019, after playing his second consecutive season, The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2UK native Theo Campbell has revealed he split his eye open when a champagne cork popped in his face.

He has had a few surgeries but has yet to regain full vision. Even so, Theo insists he’s ready to return for another season. When the network began casting for season 38, the the island of love star would have had a spot until she fell through.

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He provided proof by SMS from a supposed producer who informed Theo that he would no longer have a casting position following a meeting. “I’m so sorry, I was your number one lawyer, and we had it for a minute, but things changed,” the person said.

The British track star noted he was “very close” to making a comeback and thanked those who wanted to see him compete again. However, Theo claimed that he would give her one last chance for season 39, but after that “I’m not available anymore”. He also added, “my eye will be completely healed so no excuses until then.”

Theo Campbell holds a Challenge record

As a rookie, Theo teamed up with two-time winner Cara Maria Sorbello, and they formed a dominating duo, winning four daily missions in War of the Worlds (2019).

He then won another solo before knocking out ex-fling and Cara rival Kyle Christie. The British track star finished the season in second place, earning $200,000.

His winnings set the record for the most money earned by a man without placing first. Theo immediately returned to war of the worlds 2 but had a very different experience as the British team struggled to win challenges.

As one of their strongest players, he found himself in four eliminations, sending three players home before finally losing to Jordan Wiseley shortly before the final. While the season aired, Theo injured his eye and he has yet to return.

Theo previously offered to participate in ‘The Challenge’ for free

In a tweet from November 2021, Theo claimed that he participated in War of the Worlds after a year of “partying, drinking and no training”. However, he pointed out that he still reached the final.

Following the eye injury, the British reality star claims he hasn’t received an invitation to return because others know he is “better than ever”. In another tweet, Theo said he would be competing for free.

“Don’t worry about paying me the weekly money,” he wrote. while tagging the official account. “I’m only here for the prize money anyway.” Veteran Amanda Garcia, who recently returned to the franchise, apparently saw his tweets. She posted her opinion that those who would volunteer for the show are “desperate to the max”.

When Theo replied to her, claiming that he made more money in his rookie season than she did in her multiple seasons, Amanda did not respond. Instead, she claimed she’d rather not reveal her true thoughts about him because she didn’t want their internet beef rewarding him with a casting position. The Challenge: All Stars 3 airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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