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A $5.5 million gift commitment from the MSU Federal Credit Union will advance three MSU arts programs over five years and strengthen the university’s arts strategy.

The new arts strategy will connect campus and communities to creativity and exploration through three pillars: integrating the arts into the educational experience, research, campus infrastructure, and placemaking.

“Michigan State views the arts as key instruments of knowledge and understanding integrated into the university’s educational, research, and creative efforts,” said MSU President Samuel L. Stanley Jr. ., MD. “Our arts strategy is an important part of the university’s strategic goals of student, staff, and faculty success; impactful innovation; and diversity, equity, and inclusion. I would like to thank MSUFCU for sharing our vision and for investing in this vital area.

“We are grateful for our long-standing partnership and support with MSUFCU, which will help strengthen the breadth and reach of MSU excellence in the arts,” said MSU Provost Teresa K. Woodruff, Ph. .D.” This gift will expand access and opportunities to engage in the arts and help catalyze MSU’s new arts strategy, while supporting our strategic plan’s goal of increasing the visibility of the arts at MSU. – enriching the student experience and deepening learning with opportunities for creative expression. and engagement with cultural experiences.

The donation includes $2.5 million for the MSUFCU Arts Power Up Endowment, which will fund two pilot programs: the MSUFCU Arts Power Up Arts Residencies at the STEAMpower Project and the MSUFCU Arts Power Up to Start-Up program. An additional $2 million will support the MSU museum’s new CoLab studio, which evolved from the museum’s partnership with Science Gallery International. Another $1 million will support the College of Music’s MSUFCU DREAM fund, or Detroit Regional Engagement and Access Music Endowment.

“As MSUFCU celebrates 85 years of partnership with MSU, we are proud of all that we have accomplished together on behalf of the campus and the community,” said the MSUFCU President and Director. CEO April bells. “We are happy to continue our support through these creative and innovative projects that will improve the lives of our members.

MSUFCU is one of MSU’s largest backers, investing over $30 million over its history, half of which has gone to supporting the arts. Since 2008, the MSUFCU has supported arts programs that have advanced career readiness, provided opportunities for students to work with high caliber artists, offered lifelong learning programs in the arts of stage and supported residency programs for artists and scholars.

The STEAMpower Project MSUFCU Arts Power Up Arts Residency is designed to spark new research and new ways of interdisciplinary learning by bringing together artists, scholars, and graduate students to address global challenges. The second program, MSUFCU Power Up to Start-Up, will provide mentored internships for advanced high school and undergraduate students at MSU, creating career paths to a variety of arts and culture-related fields with a goal. non-profit.

“We are delighted to partner with MSUFCU on these initiatives. Together, these programs advance MSU and MSUFCU’s commitments to drive change, create opportunity in our communities, and empower young people,” said Judith Stoddart, Associate Vice Provost for University Arts and Collections. “They leverage MSU’s strengths in the arts and sciences, build on our many successful K-12 arts programs and community partnerships, and connect with the university’s support programs focused on the student success. The MSUFCU’s longstanding support of arts programs shows its understanding of the transformational impact of the arts in our communities.

Receiving $2 million from MSUFCU is the MSU Museum’s CoLab Studio, the next iteration of MSU’s former Science Gallery. MSU partnered with Science Gallery International in 2017 to launch the first Science Gallery of the Americas in Detroit, with a $1 million grant from MSUFCU. The CoLab Studio represents the evolution of programming and learning at the crossroads of science and art at the MSU Museum.

“We are extremely grateful for MSUFCU’s substantial investment in the mission of CoLab Studio, a division for innovation and experimentation at the MSU Museum,” said MSU Museum Director Devon Akmon. “This catalytic gift will enable new methods to design and implement new, transitional and experimental programming, informal learning and community engagement.”

$1 million of the donation will support the College of Music’s new Detroit Regional Engagement and Access to Music Endowment, or MSUFCU DREAM Fund. The DREAM fund is designed to provide enduring resources to support outreach and engagement programs at the College of Music in Detroit.

“Whether it’s our highly successful MSUFCU Jazz Artist-in-Residence program, our career-focused MSUFCU Entrepreneurial Musical Artist-in-Residence program, or other initiatives over the years, the College of Music and the MSUFCU have a long history of creating, effective and enduring collaborations,” said James Forger, Dean of the College of Music. “The MSUFCU DREAM Fund is a continuation of this strong partnership. It improves the lives of many children and youth through access to sequential music education at our community music school in Detroit, offers an exciting new concert series at the MSUFCU Detroit Marquette facility, and supports internships for students from MSU Music through research, creative work and mentorship opportunities.

The MSU Community Music School-Detroit has had a significant presence in the city since 2009. With the endowment in place, CMS-D plans to empower Detroit’s youth through the Aspiring Musician Program and a K-Sequential Music Education Program. 12, which includes a subsidized tuition program. The funds will also go towards instrument loans for needy CMS-D students as well as an MSUFCU Detroit artistic leadership engagement program and an annual MSU On the Road concert series at MSUFCU Detroit.


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