6 Times Kris Jenner Was Totally Hilarious


There wouldn’t be Keep pace The Kardashians without Kris Jenner. The Kar-Jenner family matriarch is responsible for creating the Kardashian Kraze, as she is the mother of the Billionaires Club: Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Robert Kardashian – and beauty moguls Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Kris acts as the manager of all of her children’s successful careers. Not only is she negotiating million dollar deals, but she looks stylish while doing it. It’s clear that the Kar-Jenner team derives its fashion sense from its mother. She is arguably the greatest momager in modern entertainment history, and with so many grandchildren now, the dynasty will only continue.

Kardashian-Jenner fans love taking a trip down memory lane. Kris is arguably one of the most entertaining in the family, and she shows the world how to balance it all while still being a boss. Along with her business acumen and classic style, Kris has given some of the best memes and viral moments in reality TV history. While many listen to the siblings, Kris often provides the most laughs and wisdom.

Jenner has given us so many magical moments over the years. Here are six of the most hilarious moments from his time on their former E! reality series. And thanks to their new Hulu series, Kris is only getting better.

Kris tries to rap

Kanye West, Travis Scott and Tyga aren’t the only rappers associated with the family. Apparently, Kris also has an affinity for the musical genre.

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Kris calls Kim for selfies

Kim is credited with making selfies popular. But as Khloe headed off to begin a stint in jail for driving under the influence, Kris didn’t think it was appropriate for Kim to focus on taking pictures of herself.

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Kris climbs on a pole

Kim may not be the best dancer, but Kris has proven she has some moves. She once took a sexy dance class with Kim’s former best friend Blac Chyna. In fact, Kris crushed the class.

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Kris goes topless

Inspired by her making of Kim’s infamous Playboy photoshoot, Kim wanted her mom to have fun. She organized a nude photoshoot.

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Kris gets drunk

The girls decided to take a short trip to Napa Valley to taste wine and cheese. Kris enjoyed it a little too much.

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Kris dyed Kim

It is rare for Kris Jenner to scold her children. But after the siblings made a big fuss about her buying a house for Rob, Kris let it be known that she went above and beyond for all of her children. In the process, she snapped photos of Kim’s 72-day marriage debacle to former NBA star Kris Humpries.



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