Allmighty Studios: a new home for gospel music


Three years ago, Dr. Paula Dawson knew nothing about the music recording industry or how to build and design a recording studio.

Today she is basking in the completion of Allmighty Studios, a new home for gospel artists in Jamaica.

Dr Dawson, who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation, said God commissioned her to build the studio and although she had no knowledge of what she was about to embark on, she went ahead.

“Essentially, I got a mandate where the Lord said to provide a space for people who are gifted for worship music so that it can be created and distributed to the world. It is a vocation, I am only a vessel. When you talk to my team, our benefit is Souls for Christ, ”said Dr. Dawson, member of the Transform Life Church.

“I have always been a Christian my whole life and in 2016 I was baptized and was really drawn to the cult of music. I went to a worship leaders retreat even though I was not doing leadership, but at that retreat I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to build a studio. I didn’t know anything about music or computers. I did all of my research and understood the concept. Now I am an expert, ”she said.

Throughout the studio’s construction journey, Dr. Dawson underwent extensive testing. She demolished the structure twice because it wasn’t ideal and hired a contractor who was too busy for her project and left her looking for a replacement.

Inside the almighty studios

Even though she had to take out loans, dip into her own savings, and rely on friends, she spared no expense buying fabric in Maine, USA, partnering with Jay-Vis McIntosh of Pioneer Music to get the best equipment. McIntosh, she said, worked with many artists and blessed her with her knowledge.

Since opening, Allmighty has seen figures like Rondell Positive, Alicia Taylor, and Dessi Ann walk through the studio.

Along with seasoned professionals, Dr Dawson plans to work with up and coming young artists, helping them not only to record, but also to market and brand.

“We will choose three artists and see how we can best bring out their music. It is about spreading the word of God through music. I don’t feel like this is my studio, I feel like it’s a space where people can sing cult music, ”said Dr. Dawson.

“Worship music is about what the Holy Spirit puts in you that He wants you to express and at Allmighty we are here to provide a safe space and feel comfortable to come and serve as that minister of praise and on top of that, it’s in an environment where we didn’t limit ourselves and tried to get the best equipment for the job.

Allmighty Studio is also open for commercial recordings. Contact them by email: [email protected]


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