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Whether you’re listening to his music in the hallways or covering your ears, you’ve probably heard junior Angel David Sanchez, or more specifically, the music blaring from his JBL speaker, in the hallways.

“Some people hate it and sometimes [it’s] kinda weird, but I think it’s kinda funny,” Sanchez said. “I just ignore it. I’ve had a lot of things affect me in life, so I’m not going to let that affect me.

Sanchez said playing music out loud allows her to express her mood and emotions.

“When I feel sad, I put on sad and depressing music. If I feel happy, then I just put on really happy music. If I get mad, I just don’t play music,” Sanchez said. “All I hear is what I feel.”

Not everyone appreciates Sanchez’s music, but Sanchez said the negative reactions don’t deter him because he’s seen more good reactions than bad ones. He said people often come to him in the hallways with music requests, and he even made friends through his speakerphone adventures.

“They just randomly come and they end up being my friend, and that helped me a lot too because I was a lonely kid,” Sanchez said.

All I hear is what I feel”

— Angel David Sanchez

Sanchez started playing music on his speakerphone in the hallways in his freshman year, to express himself through music. He comes from a family of musicians; her father is an avid karaoke singer and her mother was a Spanish music singer.

“My mom was emo for a while, so I got into [Rock]”Sanchez said.

Sanchez’s favorite musical artist is Tupac, who he was also introduced to by his mother. He thanks his mother for inspiring his love for music.

When he’s not listening to music from his speaker, Sanchez enjoys playing his favorite instrument, the accordion, learning the piano with his sister, and doing art.

“I got into the accordion when I saw a video of someone playing it. I found it really fascinating,” Sanchez said. He later found one at a garage sale. and decided to buy it and learn to play.

In the future, Sanchez said he might become a DJ, but for now he will continue to make the campus a little brighter with his music.


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