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My main gig is playing the violin and singing harmonies with Charlie Woods and Deep Hollow with my husband Craig Burletic on bass, Charlie Woods on guitar and vocals, and Josh Hensley on banjo. I also performed with Nete (Nethan Gillum), Clarke Sexton and Emmy Davis’s string group. Since the start of the pandemic, Craig and I have also had time to play music together, mostly covers of songs we love.

Gender style: Every person I play with is a different genre, and a few genres blend together. It’s one of my favorite parts about playing with so many different artists. Charlie Woods and Deep Hollow – Bluegrass. Nete-Alternative. Clarke Sexton – Country. Emmy Davis – Pop / Country.

Location: Tri-State Zone

How did the project get started?

All of these projects started before I was a part of it. Craig and I played more together, mainly thanks to the pandemic and the fact that he spent more time at home.

What are the three adjectives to describe your style?

Soft, warm and natural

Tell us about your creative process. Does it vary, if so, how?

It depends on who I’m playing with. I generally like to listen and then create my own violin / violin line that fits the context of the music. To deepen a particular genre or style, I transcribe violin / violin solos.

How has your art evolved since you started?

I have a classical background and have spent a lot of time doing this throughout my life, but I really got away from it last year and found myself diving more into bluegrass and music. old time. I spent a lot of free time before asking Clyde to transcribe arias and solos.

What is your favorite creative tool and why? Be outdoors while walking or hiking. I know it sounds a bit strange as a creative tool, but that’s when I’m most inspired and I have the most creative ideas.

What if being an artist filled your cup? Why should others care about the arts?

Share art and work with other artists. It’s really special when you can get together and make music you love! I think the arts bring people of all kinds together in a way that not much else can.

Any advice for beginners or struggling artists?

Devote time to your craft and make sure that you are making art for yourself.

What upcoming project should we be looking for and where can we look for it?

You can follow anyone listed above on Facebook and Instagram!

What question has never been asked that you would like to be asked? How would you respond?

What is a healthy music scene? Support from other musicians and great places to play.

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