Car loans at dealerships: towards digitalisation?

Concessions will no longer require the customer to go there to finance his car loan. In any case, this is what Agree bank, Good lender’s car loan subsidiary, is aiming for.

According to BMW, while 15 years earlier, the potential buyer of a car went to a dealership 4 to 6 times , today it only comes on average one and a half times . Between the websites specialized in the car which provide advice on choosing a vehicle and the car loan comparators made available, the use of the Internet for the acquisition of a car has become systematic.

The banking subsidiaries of the automobile manufacturers, known as “captives”, realize the challenge of the total digitization of the acquisition process.

What changes?

What changes?

“We need to accelerate in the field of digital innovations, to which we will devote heavy investments. The digital revolution is a real challenge, ”replies Dominique Thormann , president of Agree bank.

The example of Good lender in Turkey, where the dealer has already fully digitized its car financing procedure. He even already offers electronic signatures to his clients to conclude a loan offer entirely online.

What interest can digitization bring?

What interest can digitization bring?

” Big data “, remember these words. This is the current objective of financial companies. “We realized that the financing contract had become a loyalty tool”. It is a point of contact between companies and consumers. Purchases are no longer punctual, but can pave the way for customer loyalty. Other beneficial aspects of big data: the provision of services other than the vehicle itself. Good lender makes it a point of honor to what they call “car service”. By keeping in touch with the buyer, the concessions can offer insurance, warranty extensions and interviews tailored to the buyer’s profile.

The boss of Good lender is also considering putting online an application to identify the real use of the motorist using sensors integrated into the vehicle. This would allow the manufacturer to offer insurance tailored to each driver.

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