DJ and producer release songs on major record labels while touring the world


Meet the brand consisting of two well-known skilled artists for the best ghost producers.

As the number of new DJs and producers joining the industry increases exponentially, the demand for shadow production increases. A whole business has sprung up around the buying and selling of music, including ghost producer-focused websites that specialize in facilitating these types of transactions. It is no longer difficult to see different ghost producers offering their services, but to find great ones who know how to create quality and successful sounds? It could get complicated.

However, this is not the same story as ModSkull. The brand consists of a producer and a DJ well known for their multi-platinum ghost artists as ghost producers. The duo are Spotify verified with releases on EDM.COM AIA label and Max Vangeli label Noface Records. They also have their tracks on Spotify, like Holi F, punch your face, I don’t need and some others, which attracted many listeners.

The duo announced that they would be launching their music production studio to help all artists get the best possible outcome for their ideas. They said so in a statement saying, “We are opening our music production studio to help all artists bring their idea to fruition with the best result.”

Asked about their target audience, they said it’s massive because music has no age limit, from middle-aged to very young. The duo further mentioned that Electronic Dance Music fans and followers were an audience they knew would enjoy their sound and people who follow big festivals like EDC Las Vegas or Tomorrowland.

EDC Las Vegas and Tomorrowland are among the biggest music festivals, with their fans coming together accordingly.

The DJ and producer also let the public know of their excitement as they landed with release on major record labels and touring around the world, performing for major clubs and music festivals around the world.

Modskull shared his passion for creating music and the joy it brings to people’s lives, even temporarily.

They also clarified that Modskull leaves no genre untouched, from trap to electro and bass house to festival anthems. They can do anything.

Connect with Modskull on instagram and Spotify for updates on the artist’s activities.

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