DJ Mar Coast spins a thick, bass-heavy mix


Honolulu-based DJ Mar Coast showcases his musicality with a curated mix of genres for the This Is Home series!

The sounds of electronic dance music have traveled far and wide, touching all parts of the world – no matter where you are, there’s a community to be found. DJ Mar Cote is a DJ and producer with an open format style that allows him to dabble in a variety of genres. Whether it’s bass, house or anything in between, DJ Mar Coast is capable of creating the ideal vibes for any environment.

Since moving to Hawaii seven years ago, DJ Mar Coast has continued to become not just a better artist, but a better person as a whole. “I’m more adamant, I have a common mindset, and the most important thing I’ve learned here is that you have to respect in order to earn it. My creativity feeds off the environment of the beautiful aina,” he said when asked about his experience living in Hawaii. “All the beauty around me sparks ideas that turn into art. I just want to bring happiness to people through music. I want to take my talents to other places in the world, represent Hawaii because that would set me apart in a pond full of fish.

Nothing is out of reach for this rising artist, and it has seen him open for the likes of Roma in Silver and Mr. Carmack at HB Social Club, where he also promotes events. Now he’s created a special mix for our This Is Home series to further showcase his style behind the decks.

The mix opens with a jazzy instrumental titled “Voo” by Wax which transports you straight into the island vibes before dropping into a flip of “love me or hate me” by DV. As the mix progresses the energy continues to build as heavy wubs and bass are introduced along with selections of Hamdi, Chee, CharlesthePremier, and more. It’s a cool, thick blend, so if you’re looking for a boost in your day, give it a spin and rock it.

I wanted to showcase my open format style in this mix. I’m a huge basshead and love wubs and wobbly sounds, but I also believe in musicality; if the music is good, that’s all that matters. Also, I feel like the dynamic is important, you know, the ups and downs, the roller coaster effect, the tension and the release and the build up again. I live for it because I feel like that’s how life is and that’s how I want my music to sound: dynamic.

DJ Mar Cote

Listen to DJ Mar Coast’s mix for This Is Home on SoundCloud, and be sure to follow him on social media to stay up to date with his upcoming projects! If you’re already in Hawaii, be sure to keep an eye out for the events he helps organize at the HB Social Club.

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