Dundalk music promotion start-up Fanify is seeking €750,000 seed funding


Fanify, a new music promotion tech startup, plans to raise $750,000 in seed funding after its recent launch.

he Dundalk start-up is led by Pete Rust and Dagan Fleming, who run the Lockup recording studio in Dundalk, with fintech entrepreneur Shane Brett providing the seed capital to launch the business.

Fanify is a platform for bands, artists and DJs to automate and manage their digital promotion. It uses artificial intelligence to identify niche and specific fans, to target and build relationships with social media and streaming platforms like Spotify.

“The closest thing to our competitors are basically the digital marketing toolsets for the music industry. You can only really make them work for you if you already understand a deep level of digital marketing. which would require a huge time investment,” Rust said.

Fanify is intended to be a plug-in-and-go service for music promotion so artists can focus more resources on recording and playing. Artists pay a monthly fee to use the platform.

Rust compared the service to CD Baby, which is used to handle digital music distribution but for online marketing and promotion.

Fanify was born during the pandemic when Rust and Fleming expanded the Lockup with a record label and were looking for ways to promote it.

Fleming said the information generated for artists using the platform can inform other decisions such as where to perform.

“Fanify will start helping musicians say, ‘you need to tour the UK because that’s where your fan base is’ or ‘you need to book a gig in Canada’. We can start to encourage artists to go elsewhere,” said Fleming.

The start-up is now seeking funding to expand the reach of the platform and possibly expand it internationally as well as hire a team.

Investor Brett, who founded fintech company Gecko Governance, is Fanify’s main backer through his new investment company Global Perspectives.


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