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Beyoncé’s new music comes like falling asleep: slowly, then all at once. After six years without a new solo album — or any indication that a new album would be coming, for that matter — Queen B followed up her tradition of surprise record announcements with a statement via British vogue that his seventh studio album, titled Renaissance, should arrive in a little over a month.

This is his first real solo album since his critically acclaimed LP Lemonade, which she caught by surprise on Tidal in 2016 after dropping a series of cryptic clues on social media. Before that, she released her self-titled fifth studio album in 2013 – also without warning. So when the music titan recently began deleting his profile pictures from Instagram, Twitter and other accounts, fans were certain that finally, a new record was finally on the way.

They were right. Now embarking on her brand new era, Beyoncé changed her Instagram bio to announce the July 29 release of Renaissance and graced the cover of the fashion magazine for a brief profile penned by Edward Enniful teasing what’s to come as well as a set of stunning photos. These feature the 28-time Grammy winner posing among golden backdrops — complete with horses, motorcycles, and oversized disco balls, for example — that feel both old-fashioned and futuristic. Are these aesthetics an indication of what his new album will sound like? That remains to be revealed.

The room did reveal, however, a handful of details regarding what the record will look like and when it was made; Additionally, Beyoncé herself has been doling out some hints on her website and social media accounts. Keep reading to see it all Billboard knows about Beyoncé Renaissance album below.


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