Famous Musicians Flock To Arizona To Record Albums At Saltmine Studio Oasis


As the name suggests, the Saltmine Studio Oasis has become a hub for top artists to find their next song. The Arizona, US-based recording studio is described as a unique, peaceful, and well-equipped place to create new music. Owner Don Salter is proud of the many milestones the studio has made as it continues to collaborate with leading artists.

“The Saltmine Studio Oasis is a private, secure and come true dream for artists looking for a unique recording experience. This resort has five separate recording facilities that have everything from a 50-channel vintage Neve tracking room (Studio A) to a classic SSL 6064 E / G + (Studio B), ”a spokesperson for Saltmine Studio Oasis.

Saltmine Studio Oasis has welcomed clients including DMX, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Eve, Alicia Keys, Ludacris, Timbaland, Ne-Yo, Jonas Brothers, Soulfly, Styx, Cassidy, Lil Baby, Lil Wayne, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Kodak Black and many more. Working with Don Salter it’s obvious the guy comes from an old school background. The team is bursting with youthful energy, and among them is lead producer / songwriter, Zach Salter. Zach is originally from Arizona and his Pop R&B is famous for its sweet melodies. He is accomplished as a songwriter, producer, singer, vocal coach and engineer. He has been releasing music regularly since releasing his first mixtape “Sweettalker” in 2019 and has collaborated with countless internationally renowned artists.

The distinctive vintage 36-channel custom Neve with an additional 12-channel low-key Melbourne; Ben Grosse’s restored and revered SSL 6064 E / G + from The Mix Room and David Foster’s SSL 4056 G Plus are proof of the class and quality of Saltmine Studio Oasis.

“The atmosphere matters. This sometimes indescribable quality that makes a recording studio unique – from the Buddha at the reception to the works of art on the walls, from the leather in the living room to the instruments on display, from the sound of the room to the personality of the assistant engineer – is often what makes a studio thrive, ”explains a spokesperson for Mix Magazine.

At Saltmine Studio Oasis, Don and his team have created a unique place beyond what can be reproduced realistically or financially. Her work in the recording studio is designed to be an evergreen model to be remembered for years to come. He says his philosophy is to “combine classic old-fashioned analog tools with modern new-world digital tools, housed in a private, vibrant, creative environment with a greedy supply of equipment, tools and tools. instruments, will always be in demand. by the true artist who demands nothing less ”.

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