Gastonia videographer uses his visual skills to bring music to life


Legacy Studio Videographer Corey Bryant is interested in finding ways to bring creative ideas to life through his artistic passion for creating video content.

“I love bringing music to life,” Bryant said. “I never planned to fall in love with it.”

The 28-year-old from Charleston, South Carolina got the idea to pursue videography after helping his brother create a music video in 2020.

“I felt like we were paying people too much to do the video and we weren’t getting enough in return,” Bryant said. “We used the same amount to buy a camera and started doing everything ourselves.”

Bryant then went on to learn how to film and edit videos via YouTube and collaborate with others.

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He often films music videos for musical artists and even did videography work for his best friend’s wedding in 2020.

“I was honored when he asked,” Bryant said. “I feel honored when someone entrusts me with a creative project.”

He is very proud to have made a video project with the non-profit Charlotte Beds for Kids, which provides beds and furniture to families in need.

“Learning how to do videography myself was both empowering and exciting,” Bryant said. “It really is a continuous learning process. I learn new styles and techniques every day.

Gastonia videographer Corey Bryant wants to use his visual talents to bring the music to life.

Bryant came to Gastonia in 2017 after having the opportunity to manage the Just Casual menswear store in Eastridge Mall.

Previously, in 2011, he focused on studying engineering at Francis Marion University in Florence, South Carolina.

After helping his brother with his visual skills and his new camera, Bryant decided to follow his passion for bringing creativity to life.

“I’ve always loved art and music,” Bryant said. “I like what I do.”

Bryant met Legacy Studio owner Nathaniel Jones through a mutual friend and began working with the Eastridge Mall studio in October.

“I see the vision for Legacy and that’s why I love being here,” Bryant said.

Legacy Studio, located on the mall’s second floor, includes two recording studios with a vocal booth, podcasting services, rehearsal room, 1,240 square foot photography studio and more.

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Bryant says some of the challenges of being a videographer include working with many artists’ complex visions.

“Some people prefer not to create a storyboard plan ahead of time and want me to just shoot the videos and supercharge the video with lots of editing,” Bryant said. “I prefer to create a plan ahead of time, but when people see what you can do, they’ll come to you to make it happen.”

Bryant works as a cable technician for his day job and continues to do videography work with Legacy Studio, work with artists and more.

Bryant hopes to use his visual skills to one day help an artist cross the threshold into mainstream media.

“My dream project is to shoot a feature film,” Bryant said.

Bryant encourages all budding videographers and artists to know their worth.

“Don’t let artists think they’re doing you a favor by letting you film them,” Bryant said. “Don’t underestimate yourself.”

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