‘Gorilla Glue girl’ releases rap song about her hair horror


Looks like she’s staying in the public eye a little longer.

The Louisiana woman who infamously used Gorilla Glue on her hair after running out of hairspray is now releasing a rap song.

Tessica Brown, 40, is set to drop the track – aptly titled “My Hair” – on Friday after hitting a Hollywood recording studio last month.

The mother-of-five reportedly wrote the lyrics for the rap on her own before working with indie music producer Phil Valley to create the track.

According to TMZ, Brown and Valley were hoping Nicki Minaj was on the song, but the 10-time Grammy nominee did not respond to their calls.

Brown recorded the rap track in a Hollywood studio last month. The savvy TikTok star has gotten her own agent and is apparently excited about the single’s release.
Gorilla Glue girl update: Tessica Brown will
Brown is seen with Gorilla Glue in her hair before it was removed by a surgeon.

The single features audio clips from a TikTok video Brown recorded in February, which details his Gorilla Glue gaffe.

In this clip, Brown explained that she used Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive on her locks after running out of regular hairspray.

“My hair is not moving! I washed my hair 15 times and it doesn’t budge! It’s been like this for a month now! she declared.

Brown later told the Post that she was traumatized by the horror of the hairstyle.

“Look, he didn’t come out, the water was flowing like it was the shower curtain.” It was a bad deal, ”Brown recalls. “I was even scared to call my mom, I didn’t call my mom for, like, a week.”

However, Brown’s video – which has been viewed over 50 million times – put her in the limelight, with millions of people curious about how she would resolve the sticky situation.

The mom underwent a four-hour surgery performed by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Michael Obeng, who removed Gorilla Glue from the scalp after finding out how to break down the compound that makes the product stick.

The surgery cost $ 12,500, but Obeng performed the procedure for free.

After the hair-saving surgery, Brown set his sights on Hollywood and found a full-time agent.

She has partnered with Gitoni, an agency that represents celebrities like Blac Chyna, Lamar Odom and Tommy Lee and provides product placement, marketing, celebrity management and casting for scripted television and reality TV.

In June, Brown launched his own “Forever Hair” hair care line. Products in the line include a $ 14 Forever Hold – a gel designed to keep hair firm without the sticky side effects that made it famous.

Amidst all the free advertising, Gorilla Glue spent next to nothing on ads.
Brown coated her hair with Gorilla Glue spray adhesive and was unable to remove it.
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Now the mom is hoping her music career will keep her in the headlines for a bit longer.

She updated her TikTok bio to promote her upcoming single, writing: “‘MY HAIR’drops 11/19 @ midnight on all platforms 🎶.”


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