Gwen Stefani makes a surprising appearance in Midland, Michigan


Residents of Midland received a surprise sighting from a celebrity over the weekend.

Wouldn’t you know…singer Gwen Stefani stopped by town on Saturday, August 13. While there, she stopped at a local pizzeria called Pizza Sam’s. Check out their adorable Facebook post below.

Additionally, Stefani also stopped by the Midland Mall.

Employees and fans of Pizza Sam at the mall were able to take pictures with Stefani and noted that she did not have a security group with her, and that “she was friendly, like a normal, down-to-earth person.“When it comes to the occasional glimpse of celebrities, I think we can all get a little wide-eyed, but it’s always cool to hear that celebrities are ‘normal’ people too.

Celebrity sightings in Michigan

If you were surprised to learn of the Gwen Stefani sighting in Midland, don’t be. Husband and singer Blake Shelton was in town to perform at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort that night (Saturday August 13). Apparently she joins him on tour a little more often, and she accompanied him to his stop in Michigan. Not only that, but she also performed with him on stage!

About halfway through her set, Blake Shelton began singing along to her duet “Nobody But You” when Gwen Stefani entered from stage left. The crowd went crazy because it was an absolute surprise that she was there. There was no clue, no introduction, just her taking the stage and starting to sing along with their duet. It was very nice to see how they sang for each other. From there, they sang together for their other duet, “Happy Anywhere”. Check out photos of their duo below.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani at Soaring Eagle

Blake Shelton performed live at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mount Pleasant, Michigan on Saturday, August 13. Justin Moore opened the show, Blake closed it. Not only that, but fellow singer and wife, Gwen Stefani, joined him on stage for a few songs. Check out photos from the show below.

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