‘High School Musical: The Series’ Cast Net Worths: What They Do


They’re all in this together – and racking up crazy high net worths from their High School Musical: The Musical: The Series roles! While some stars got their start on the Disney+ series, they went on to major stardom that came with a pretty hefty salary.

While Olivia Rodrigue seems to have risen to fame overnight, the actress actually made her industry debut on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvarkaired from 2016 to 2019. Olivia narrated teen vogue in October 2021 that she had “the best childhood ever” before landing her very first role in the 2014 film An American: Grace fuels success.

“When you’re in the industry, you’re kind of treated like a kid, but you’re expected to act like an adult,” she told the publication about growing up under the hood. limelight. “It’s a really terrifying thought, to think that I’m not allowed to make mistakes, because I think that’s how you grow as a person. I’m no different from other young people 18. I will definitely make a lot of mistakes in my life and probably also in my career. That’s just life.

Just like Olivia, her co-star Joshua Basset also had starring roles on the Disney Channel, but he was by no means a child star.

“People don’t realize that this is all very new to me,” he explained to QG in June 2021. “I haven’t been in the public eye for a long time.”

When cast in his first role, Joshua recalled being “so confused”. That being said, he is still working on becoming himself. “I’m growing so much,” the musician said QG around 2021. “The year I’ve had has been overwhelming. I’m still landing on my feet.

Other HSMTMTS stars, like Frankie Rodriguez, have made a name for themselves through the show. The actor said Weekly entertainment that “it’s amazing” to be able to represent the LGBTQ+ community on television.

“For us to become this representation that we certainly haven’t seen grow on a platform like Disney with a popular franchise, that means a lot,” he shared. “We’re definitely seeing the response, especially on social media, from kids reaching out and saying, ‘Your characters gave me the confidence to be myself’ or ‘Your characters gave me the confidence. to go out. These are big, life-changing decisions and so it’s very special to be part of someone’s journey in this way.

Scroll through our gallery for a breakdown of the HSMTMTS stars estimated net worth.

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