How Grammy-winning singer Rihanna turned her baby bump into a fashion accessory


Anyone with even passing contact with celebrity sites will know that Grammy-winning singer-songwriter-businesswoman Rihanna is expecting her first baby with rapper and record producer A$AP Rocky.

While other celebrities have pushed the envelope by appearing pregnant and naked on magazine covers (actor Demi Moore started the trend in 1991 in vanity lounge and was followed by many others including model Cindy Crawford in 1999 for OBritney Spears for Harper’s Bazaar in 2006 and Serena Williams for vanity lounge in 2017), Rihanna managed to make her bloated belly a fashion accessory.

Rihanna and her partner A$AP Rocky posted photos on Instagram in January announcing the pregnancy of their first child. instagram

From announcing her condition on Instagram in late January (her belly exposed to the New York wintry air, which sparked a firestorm of criticism from people worried it could harm the baby) to her appearance at Paris Fashion Week in February in a negligee and underwear to the silver two-piece she wore to an event promoting her beauty brand Fenty in March, she managed to make impending motherhood a must-have accessory.

Considering the performer also runs underwear company Savage X Fenty, her focus on baby bump-enhancing outfits should come as no surprise.

Rihanna at Paris Fashion Week in February.

What makes her outfits so revolutionary is that they are specially designed to show off a big belly; she even drapes jewelry around her belly.

While the singer was happy to show off her changing body, she and her partner were less forthcoming with details about the baby: her due date is not known, but was estimated by media to be some time in May and, unlike many expectant millennial parents, they did not reveal the sex of the child.

Rihanna used jewelry to show off her bump. Getty

In an interview with British vogue in 2020, before getting in a relationship with A$AP Rocky, Rihanna confided in seeing herself with three or four children. This suggests that she will have more opportunities to turn her personal style into a maternity clothing line.


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