How music producer SpaceNTime carved out a niche in the industry


No one took Varun Sharma seriously when he declared his intention to enter the music industry. Even those close to him thought it was a passing phase because, after all, he was not from a musical family. However, Varun was determined to prove theveryone is wrong. Despite the ridicule, he worked hard and silenced his critics once and for all.

Today, Varun Sharma, better known by his stage name SpaceNTime, is a hip-hop music producer based in Los Angeles, California. SpaceNTime is popular in the industry for its originality, which is showcased in the original tracks.

As a composer, SpaceNTime takes pride in his original compositions and melodies. You might think that his trip to So the industry has been easy, but it is not.

SpaceNTime had to learn a few things that kept it going. By the time he was in grade 12, he was making original beats despite the lack of a support system.

Even if he does not have having a decent place to train, he did 6 pieces a day for two years until he got his own place. This is how he developed his versatility, which he appreciates today as a producer.

When SpaceNTime turned 18, he started looking for ways to transform his passion into something profitable, but it didn’t happen overnight. He gained recognition after collaborating with Pacman Da Gunman of the All Money Records label.

Pacman and SpaceNTime started working together in 2015 and have completed various projects ovuh the last six years. SpaceNTime has also worked with other notable artists like Dom Kennedy, Wale, Icewear Vezzo, Mozzy, The Game, OT Genasis, and Yhung TO.

Over the years, he also thought about giving up music to try something else that wouldn’t be. also hard. However, music is his passion and he has learned to be innovative and is always on the lookout for a new sound to stay ahead of his game.

SpaceNTime’s biggest influences are Dr. Dre and DJ Quik. He learned to creatively integrate the influencethese sci-fi and horror genres to create a sound that resonates with a wider audience.

Creating soulful lyrics paired with a groovy beat the listener can enjoy is one of SpaceNTime’s greatest joys. He expresses his honesty feelings through every song he works on, and that’s something very few can do.

To aspiring artists, SpaceNTime says hard work isn’t a choice if they want to shine in the industry. “Keep focusing on your career and the results will pay off.” Iin the future, he hopes to become a source of inspiration for creative artists who want to do something big and innovative.

Right now he’s working on a few upcoming projects waiting to be released. He worked with two big names in the industryry and the works are in the final stages of production.

He’s also working on his streaming site, which will be the first of its kind. This will be the first service to offer unique rhythms from a subscription producer.

Posted on December 4, 2021

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