I’m A Celebrity fans continue to vote for Naughty Boy in Trials due to age-old feud with One Direction stars


Music producer Naughty Boy is the contestant who faced the most trials in I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! and fans have revealed why.

So far, the music producer behind hits such as La La La and Runnin ‘has faced disgusting drinking problems and has been locked up and covered in bugs after being regularly voted down by the public to participate in the trials.

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Now fans have revealed the reason they vote for Naughty Boy and it’s because of his six-year feud with the members of One Direction, as Birmingham Live reports.

In March 2015, Zayn Malik left the world famous boy group to the chagrin of many of their fans, saying he wanted to be a “normal 22 year old”.

However, he was spotted just days after leaving the group at a music studio with Naughty Boy appearing to record new music.

This led Louis Tomlinson to tweet Naughty Boy, calling him reckless and telling him to grow up. Naughty Boy then posted a photo of him and Zayn in the recording studio, to which Louis responded by referring to a 12-year-old.

Naughty Boy then told Louis he couldn’t sing and it was a good job that there was auto-tuning and the Twitter feud escalated, Zayn got involved as well.

It later emerged that Zayn and Naughty Boy had fallen out when Zayn posted a series of harsh tweets against Naughty Boy saying they weren’t friends.

One Direction fans haven’t forgiven Naughty Boy, and many took to Twitter to explain why they were voting for him.

One said: “My 15 year old in me still holds a grudge against the bad boy because of the beef between him, Zayn and Louis, so I will vote for him to do the trials as a revenge x #ImACeleb “

Another said: “I’m going to vote for the bad boy to do all the trials because Zayn and Louis are my boys and he deserves to suffer

And: “Vote for a naughty boy to try out because I don’t like him because of the beef lol louis / zayn.”

A fourth added: “I vote 100% for Naughty Boy for the challenges, IT’S FOR YOU ZAYN I GOT YOU #ImACeleb”

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