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West London-based artist Jem discusses his own fictional worlds, blending West and East and why 90s music is still relevant.

Having settled into the West London Turkish community as an adult, Jem’s music is defined by a sense of mutability and openness – a willingness to navigate different worlds and highlight commonalities between them, whether physical or abstract.

He presented himself as an artist with a particular emphasis on the mystical, creating both his own world known as the Negative Realm for his music and an array of fictional characters who inhabit the rich worlds of his songs. The musically varied tunes incorporate both western and eastern sounds, influenced by the oud as well as the music of Radiohead.

Ultimately, Jem’s mystical ambitions belie a down-to-earth artist: his songs have been shaped by the displacement and isolation caused by the COVID pandemic, and he uses abstraction to explain feelings and the fundamentally relatable concerns that we have all gone through. over the past two years.

After releasing a debut EP brimming with fresh ideas, Jem is ready to take his place as a master of the fully formed mystic, so we sat down with him to find out all about how he melds his influences and his love of the 90s. .


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