Just Friends filming almost left Ryan Reynolds frozen


In a interview 2005 with Conan, Reynolds, himself from Vancouver, explains that Regina — the capital of his province — is particularly freezing. “Just Friends” is set over Christmas, and Reynolds explains to O’Brien that the filmmakers needed authentic snow. Reynolds remembers getting off the plane on a day that was, in his worlds, -45 degrees.

This seems exaggerated, but according to toronto.com, Canada experienced much lower temperatures. On February 3, 1947, the town of Snag in the Yukon Territory reached a temperature of -62.8° Celsius. It will freeze human skin in three minutes. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Saskatchewan was recorded in the city of Prince Albert where, on February 1, 1893, it reached -56.7° Celsius. I guess we should note that Reynolds may have exaggerated again – according to Weatherspark, the average low in Regina during its coldest months (usually December and January) is usually only -1° Celsius, although it can drop below -26° Celsius. the real coldest place on earth is the East Antarctic plateau, which can reach temperatures of -94° Celsius.

There is no information more fascinating than this.


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