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In 1972, Rabbi Yaakov Asher Sinclair opened SARM Studios, the first 24-track recording studio in Europe where Queen mixed “Bohemian Rhapsody”. His music publishing company, Druidcrest Music, released the music for The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1973) and as a record producer he co-produced the American band’s quadruple-platinum debut album “Foreigner” (1976). The top ten US singles from this album included, “Feels like the first time”, “Cold as ice” and “Far, very far from home. Other production work included”The Enid – In the Region of the Summer Stars”, “The Curves” and “Nutz” as well as singles based on The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy with Douglas Adams and Richard O’Brien. Other artists who have used SARM include: ABC, Alison Moyet, Art of Noise, Brian May, The Buggles, The Clash, Dina Carroll, Dollar, Flintlock, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Grace Jones, It Bites, Malcolm McLaren, Nik Kershaw, Propaganda, Rush, Rik Mayall, Stephen Duffy and Yes. In 1987, he moved to Jerusalem to immerse himself in the study of Torah. His two books of Torah The color of the skyon the weekly Torah portion, and The seasons of the moon met with great critical acclaim. The seasons of the moon, a unique book of black-and-white photographs combining poetry and Torah essays, is now out of print and highly sought after as a collector’s item at up to $250 for a new copy. He is in great demand as an inspirational speaker in Israel, Britain and the United States. He was a keynote speaker at the Agudas Yisrael Convention and a keynote speaker at the Inspire Project in 2018. Rabbi Sinclair lectures on the Talmud and Jewish Philosophy at the Ohr Somayach/Tannenbaum College of Judaic Studies in Jerusalem and is a Senior Publications Editor Torah Internet. Ohrnet and Weekly Torah. His articles have been published in The Jewish Observer, American Jewish Spirit, AJOP Newsletter, Zurich’s Die Jüdische Zeitung, South African Jewish Report and many more. Rabbi Sinclair was born in London and lives with his family in Jerusalem. He was educated at St. Anthony’s Preparatory School in Hampstead, Clifton College and the University of Bristol.


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