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Feb. 5 – At a time when anyone interested can record music on their computer and release it to the world, sound engineer and producer Patrick Himes is on the rise. In fact, he’s carved out a niche at his Reel Love Recording Company in Dayton where he offers studio time at competitive rates in the Midwest while delivering the quality you’ll find in major music markets like Nashville and Los Angeles.

Himes headlined many big releases in 2021, including Brother Hill’s “Blackfish,” Paige Beller’s “I’ll Be Better,” and Repeating Arms’ “Higher Than Lonesome.” These were some of my top albums of the year and going forward they will all be considered classic local albums from that era. The projects are very dissimilar, musically and lyrically. Even so, there is a shared commitment to acoustic instrumentation, a connection to hometown, and the presence of Himes, who doesn’t so much have a signature studio sound as he manages to sonically capture the best aspects of each act.

Himes, who is also a talented multi-instrumentalist, was at the helm of sessions by other local bands that made my best releases of 2021. In the realm of roots rock, there was “Into the Deep” by Neo American Pioneers , the New Old – Fashioned’s four-song “Big City” EP and Age Nowhere’s second album, “Age Nowhere Strikes Again!” However, it wasn’t just roots rock that came out of Reel Love. There were the debut of folk duo Touchy Feelys, “Break-Up Songs About Staying Together”, and “Future Copy”, the second album by alternative rockers Sadbox.

“That’s crazy,” Himes replied when I asked about the release. “Working with all of these people has been an absolute joy and I’m always impressed with the breadth of the talent pool here.”

The Katawicks, Heather Redman, the Paint Splats and Zac Pitts all released Himes-produced singles in 2021. These songs were all teasers for upcoming albums slated for release in 2022, but that’s only the tip of the tongue. monolithic iceberg of programmed music. out of Himes’ studio.

In addition to the four acts mentioned above, the hardworking studio wizard has over a dozen other planned releases set to see the light of day this year. It’s a diverse group featuring highly anticipated new releases from Yuppie, Amber Hargett, Viceroy Kings, RIND, David Payne and Shade Of Red.

“I love it all too,” Himes said. “There’s not a bad one in the group. I’m rightfully excited about each of these releases.”

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