Meet Killalmij, a Jamaican music producer who aspires to bring feel-good vibes back to the dancehall music industry


A music producer has a crucial role to play when it comes to the overall mood of a song or a music album. Different types of musical projects are launched, but not all of them see the light of day. To make a lasting impression in the minds of the public, an artist must bring out their innovative ideas as Sheldon Thaxter, popularly known as KillaImij, has provoked.

Originally from Jamaica, KillaImij believes that dancehall, a popular genre of Jamaican music, has lost its charm and gone through a big cultural shift. A song should invoke a sense of fun, dance, enjoyment and positive vibes, rather than something that would spoil the mood and degrade dancehall party scenes, as a popular social media video notes.

Thaxter, as the founder of Killalmij Records, attempted to revive feel-good dancehall music with his latest release titled “Clock Tick Riddim”. “The party scene right now is not suitable for people. There are too many gun songs, scam songs and hype songs. I can barely hear songs for women at parties, where did the dance songs go? Where have the feel-good songs gone? Then you have the problem with pickers playing for a paycheck. Honestly, it’s rotten to the core,” laments Killaimij.

KillaImij rose to popularity with the release of debut single Tik Tok Tik, which received over 500,000 streams on Spotify. The California-based Jamaican producer aspires to become one of the dynamic faces of the dancehall music industry. His label, Killalmij Records, is best known for promoting budding artists like I-Octane, Munga Honorable and Dwayno. Some of the popular songs released by his recording studio include ‘Bubble Up’, ‘Lift it and Drop it’, ‘Tik Tok Tik’ and ‘Bend you back’ to name a few. “It’s more than exciting and really amazing to have these numbers for the first time, it’s like a dream come true,” says KillaImij.

Thaxter is currently working with former member of the Gaza Empire, Gaza Kym, on his extended play, which is due out by the end of 2022. He considers Dave Kelly, Don Carleone, Rvssian and JayCrazie among his influences. musical. Killalmij recently garnered huge applause for his recent success with the Clock Tick Riddim project in early April 2022. “We bring a fresh new sound with an authentic dancehall vibe. Our productions will take dancehall music in a new direction. KillaImij will take things to the next level,” says Thaxter.

Before beginning his musical journey in 2022, Killalmij worked as a network engineer and also served in the US Marine. He spent nearly a decade working in the public sector for Fortune 500 companies and startups. Speaking of his degrees, Thaxter moved to America to study at the College of Agriculture, Science and Education from Titchfield High School.


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