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2021 has been a great year for Move like creatures!

The female quartet SoCal have joined forces to release their very first song “Mind Reader” and its absolutely haunting sound.

The group, who defied odds transcending loneliness and lockdown isolation to find themselves in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, were inspired to write the track after an ill-fated therapy session. “Mind Reader” is a rallying cry for anyone who has ever been misunderstood or misdiagnosed, for anyone who has ever been told to toughen it up or get rid of it.

“’Mind Reader’ was the first song we completed as a band in the midst of the pandemic. It’s also the first of five songs that we plan to release on our EP next year, “bassist Brian Bello shares with Celeb Secrets, while drummer Melissa Koziel adds,” For me this song is our first release. is special because from the start it really represented the direction in which we were going with our sound.

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For those who don’t know, Move Like Creatures was formed after singer Nancy Bombard and guitarist Ryan Reynolds joined forces to create music that has a meaningful connection to its listeners.

Hungry to get back to the studio and on the road after her latest band disbanded, Bombard (which had opened for 311, Slightly Stoopid, Sublime with Rome, and Rebelution in previous projects) took her in search of Asartists concerned about Craigslist at the start of the pandemic. With so many closed world, she wasn’t sure who – if anyone – would respond, but something told her she had to give it a go. “Within a day and a half, I had heard from Ryan,” Bombard recalls, “and I was so excited to collaborate with people again that I didn’t even think he was. could be dangerous to invite a stranger from the Internet to my house. I ended up hiding a knife under the sofa cushion the first time we got together just to be safe.

Luckily for both, Bombard and Reynolds clicked instantly, and with the subsequent addition of Melissa Koziel on drums and Brian Bello on bass to the lineup, it soon became apparent to everyone involved that they were on. something really special. It was these instincts, after all, that brought Bombard and his bandmates together.

Celeb Secrets sat down (virtually) with the group to learn more about their formation, “Mind Reader”, and what to expect in the New Year. Read the full Q&A below and don’t forget to let us know what you think of the song by leaving a reaction at the bottom of the post or tweeting us at @celebsecrets.

You can connect with Move Like Creatures by following them on Instagram at @movelikecreatures.

Celeb Secrets: Tell us about the release of your first single “Mind Reader”.

Brian Bello: “Mind Reader” was the first song we completed as a band in the midst of the pandemic. It’s also the first of five songs that we plan to release on our EP next year.

Melissa Koziel: “For me, this song being our first release is special because from the start it really represented the direction in which we were going with our sound.”

CS: The track is about sanity, what do you want listeners to take away from the meaning of the song?

Nancy Bombarde: “I would say I want everyone to feel less alone. The last few years have changed many lives and many people are suffering from depression for the first time. It’s important to ask for help, but also to listen to yourself and do what’s right for you. Not all advice is good or helpful, even when people have good intentions.

BB: “Even before the pandemic, most people experienced some degree of mental health issues at some point in their lives, even if only in the short term. Trying to find help with this can be a long, arduous process and the song embodies those frustrations. “

CS: How did you decide to name the group Move Like Creatures?

Ryan reynolds: “When we first met it took us months to come up with a name for the band. I gave up on the idea of ​​calling the group Silver Tigers. One day we were all in practice brainstorming, and Nancy had a huge list of names and possible words to combine. It was Melissa who said “And Move Like Creatures” and it stuck with us.

NB: “With so much of our music surrounding the subject of mental health, we felt that name stuck with us because inside we are all creatures – creatures of habit, emotional, unpredictable, and all of those parts. make us human. “

CS: Overall, you each have a decorated musical background. Looking back, have you ever thought that you would form a group in the midst of a global pandemic?

RR: “I feel like even though it wasn’t something I expected to happen, it definitely worked for us. The pandemic gave us the time to collaborate and work on what ultimately became of this project. Before I met Nancy, I had just moved from San Diego to Orange County and didn’t know anyone other than my girlfriend whom I met on Bumble. Since I didn’t have any friends around, I went on Craigslist to find a band to play with. I was really lucky that the band part worked but also that it came with good friends.

MK: “If we weren’t good friends, I don’t think we would have been so quick on this project. We helped each other through the madness of the pandemic as we couldn’t see our families and it gave us all a reason to create. “

NB: “I wouldn’t say that I took the pandemic into account, but this group was a dream. I created the Craigslist ad hoping to find everyone and we did it, we found each other.

CS: What have you learned about yourself by working together?

MK: “I’ve been in groups over the years and have experienced every personality and dynamic in that setting. For me, I’m just grateful because this project is fun and collaborative, which I always wanted. Playing the drums is part of my identity and it’s much more enjoyable to do it with people who are also my best friends.

RR: “I learned that I chew very hard. Nancy saw this and I feel like it made me a better person. I also now know what the word misophonia means. But more seriously, before meeting the band, I hadn’t played music in years while finishing college and starting my daily job as an engineer. Without exercising this creative musical side, I felt like a part of me was missing inside. When I got the chance to start making music again and this band became a reality, it made me feel whole again. “

BB: “Music must have always been a secondary part of my life because medical school took so long. Playing with this band and recording in the studio really helped me become more confident and believe in my musicality.

NB: “I’m just in a perpetual state of gratitude because I don’t always know how to get from point A to point B and together I feel like we make a plan and make it happen. I’m definitely the dreamer and the eternal optimist, Brian is the realist, Ryan is the comedic relief, and Melissa is the calm. We were the 4 complete strangers who met at the worst / best time and I can’t wait to see how far we get.

CS: What’s the next step for the band?

NB: “We plan to release our next song ‘Space Case’ in the next few months, followed by another single and our full EP. In the meantime, our focus is on planning shows, connecting with our new fans, and learning about our position in the music world. We are always writing new music and perfecting our live performances.

MK: “My day job is a graphic designer, so I worked hard on our merch and the art of EP.”

BB: “I always write little loops in Ableton that I send to the band. Nancy has some scratch lyrics on some of them, so who knows, maybe some of them will become the next batch of songs.

RR: “I can’t wait to shoot our next clip in a top secret location untouched by man. That’s all I can say at the moment.

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