New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert Faces Another Cancer Diagnosis


New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert shared with fans of the pop-punk band on Monday (August 15) that he had been diagnosed with cancer again and would be undergoing surgery the following day.

A pheochromocytoma tumor was discovered in his spine, the rocker explained. It’s the same type of cancer he faced last year when he underwent surgery for a tumor affecting his adrenal gland and liver. Earlier this year, Gilbert said he was “cancer free”.

A pheochromocytoma is a rare type of tumor that can arise from the adrenal system. Gilbert, founding member of New Found Glory and former vocalist of metalcore band Shai Hulud, said on Monday that “tiny nodules” were also discovered in his lungs.

The musician recently experienced “very intense back pain while on tour,” he wrote on social media alongside photos from the hospital. “I went home early for an MRI. Unfortunately we found a new pheochromocytoma tumor in the 12th vertebra of my spine that was pinching my nerves. I’m going to have surgery tomorrow to remove almost everything and then hit what remains with some fanciful radiance.” (See Gilbert’s full post below.)

He continued: “Scary stuff, but it’s all about the little wins. … If I hadn’t gone on tour and inflamed my tumor, I wouldn’t have known soon enough it was there. Then the love and support of my band got me home to get scanned Knowing me, if pain keeps me from playing a show, that’s bad We also found out I had very small nodules on the lungs, but my incredible team are very confident that it’s manageable and at an early stage compared to where I was last seen.”

Gilbert added: “My vitals and my heart are great this time. Moving forward with today’s incredible technology, I can have lifelong treatment that keeps everything at bay. It’s like living with a disease but it’s not life threatening. I’m no longer. I have to guess if he’ll come back and can just relax. … Hoping to be home recovering on Friday or Saturday!”

He concluded: “For anyone struggling with intense health issues and illnesses. I’m here with you. Do your best to make the most of it and try not to waste too much time being scared. … Lots of love to everyone Can’t wait to be back. See you soon!”

Loudwire wishes Gilbert all the best in his treatment and recovery.

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