New modern rock and synth-pop songs from Dayton musician Kevin Brown


“I started collaborating on music virtually with Martyn Fanko, who is British,” Brown said. “He’s an audiophile and he’s been a friend of mine for over 12 years. We worked together in high-end audio-video and he has a gift for music. We were talking about 2020 and we decided to start sending music to each other. We started messing around and it became the SiL-O-ET project. We worked on these really cool and funky electronic songs. It’s very similar to Jamiroquai and Beck, kind of a very cheeky sound.

At the start of the pandemic, Brown began assembling a home studio and learning digital audio recording.

“If I wanted to do it myself, I had to learn how to do it,” he said. “I got the gear and started to figure things out. It was a huge learning curve, but it worked out well. The SiL-O-ET stuff sounds so different from what I did with TJ. I love being able to show the versatility of what I can do and the musicality that I work with. I always planned to release both EPs around the same time, but I didn’t want to combine them and trying to make a great band. Everyone has their own identity. They’re so different that it’s not like I’m stepping on anything.

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