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Nine-year-old artist Makayla Malaka

Makayla Malaka, a 9-year-old Nigerian singer known for her hits like African Princess, Give me Food and Grandma Told Me, has released her second studio album titled “Nine”.

The nine-track album that has hit all digital music stores is filled with catchy, well-crafted tunes that appeal to people of all ages.

Makayla’s professional musical journey began at the age of 6 when she released her first single as a recording artist at the age of 7 and her debut studio album ‘Eight’ on the day of her eighth anniversary, June 27, 2020.

Known for her versatility, Makayla delves into different musical genres while maintaining a strong pop feel.

Makayla’s biggest musical influence is the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. It’s no surprise that she someday aspires to be as tall as the late pop star, and the quality of her work tells us it’s not impossible.

The nine-year-old star said she enjoys making music for everyone. Her music has been viewed as an inspiration by people of different age groups, with many touting her as a golden future for Nigerian music.

The multi-talented Makayla is also co-author of a book with renowned children’s author and a collaborator on one of her tracks, Sope Martins. The book, African Princess, titled after the song’s collaboration, is due out later this year.


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