‘Nu Wav’ music recording studio makes waves in Missoula


MISSOULA – A new one-stop-shop for musicians is online in Missoula, and four creatives have been in the works for more than ten years.

June marked the first chapter of Nu Wav Studio, an interactive music recording and studio space, and the team behind is ready to go.

“Overall it’s a lot of hard work, but very rewarding,” Nu Wave co-founder Shadow Devereaux told MTN News.

Devereaux is a sound engineer, music producer, and hip-hop artist known as Foreshadow. As a descendant of the Blackfeet and the Salish, he is well known for the viral song “Protect Your People”.

The song has racked up over half a million views online and was created to encourage safety in tribal communities amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Devereaux is completely self-taught and used his bedroom to record as he grew up as a musician over the years. Having a professional studio has been something he has dreamed of for a while; “So many years for me, all these 10 years. I always wanted to do this, it was my dream. “

The idea of ​​a studio space was an ongoing bar stool conversation.

“After shows or after really successful studio sessions like between me and elair, just like the man, we have to have a real professional space that we can use and in which we can bring other people”, a declared Devereaux.

Erik Langan, a musician called elair, is one of three other minds who came together to make the studio a reality, fully taking their ambitions into their own hands.

“Going from the conversation zone to trying to do it is a bit of, how about, a trip, I guess, in itself. Just doing all the logistics until you get commercial space, get the capital, invest time and energy in construction and resources, other people, ”explained Devereaux.

While Devereux and his friends have traditionally gone under the Resurrected Records label, as more people have been added to the team they have changed their name to Nu Wav.

From now on, the commercial space is intended for artists who wish to record, mix and master at a competitive price. Using an instinct to help others, the awards were chosen by the team. Prices for recording sessions start at $ 40 per hour for vocal and acoustic instruments. Other services include production of music videos and mixing of podcasts.

“It’s very accessible for people who don’t have a lot of money. And on top of that, we just want to get people to practice their passion, so we’ll work with just about anyone, ”Devereaux

The operation does more than help artists create songs. Third member Evan Farris is called Rude Max, but he does more than that.

“I’m a jack of all trades, really. I’m an artist. I have been playing and making music for over 10 years. I make rhythms, I produce and I do graphic design, ”said Farris.

Farris said his friendship with Shadow goes back 10 years when he was just starting out in music; “I was one of his first clients, at the time, you know, I had nowhere to go, so I found out that some people were playing a show, I went to that show and I met Shadow. “

Farris said that Nu Wav Studio is a place that could be of great use to budding artists. Artists who may share similar roots.

“Recording studios sometimes charge a lot of money, and when I was younger I didn’t have a lot of money, especially when I was 15.16 trying to find a studio to record in, and I didn’t really have the money, you know. And so delivering a service that is, you know, inexpensive and quality by creative, like-minded people who want to help you is something that I believe in, ”said Farris.

Overall, the co-owners say the studio is a creative space.

“For me, music is an outlet for all of my traumas and pasts, you know, things and so I will always encourage people, young, old, anyone to make music or write or do a song. sort of creation. “

Colter Olmstead is the fourth member of the Nu Wav team. He’s a sound designer, sound mixer and filmmaker waiting for artists who want music videos or headshots to complement their sound.

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