‘Power Book III’ Malcolm M. Mays’ Lou-Lou Preview Season 1 Episode 7


Fans who enjoyed the recent tense confrontation between Book of Power III ‘s Lou-Lou and ‘Nique are lucky. The verbal fights will continue in Sunday’s episode of Starz’s prequel crime series in the 1990s.

Snowfall veteran Malcolm M. Mays, who plays Lou-Lou, says viewers are going to be in for a treat because he and Joey Bada $$, who plays’ Nique, bring so much depth, humor and strength to their story. scene in the episode “Stay In Your Alley. (Check out an exclusive photo from the moment above.)

“Joey Bada $$ is my boy, man,” Mays warmly told TVLine. “He’s such a talent and he’s so special. Everyone is so good on the show, but Joey has so many sides that when we finally got to do scenes together, it was exciting.

Mays says the two bring out the best in each other in ways that increase the credibility of their exchanges.

“He’s always looking for a challenge,” Mays says of the rapper and Two distant strangersactor, born Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott. “He said to me, ‘You really do that acting thing. I want to go against you.

It is also the occasion for the two men to show their range.

“It was almost like a competition, and I invite it,” adds the Los Angeles native. “I love him because he’s so charismatic and so prone to take risks. Joey listens, takes notes and gives notes. It’s an exchange and that’s the best part. The scenes took a long time to shoot because we were having fun.

Lou-Lou – a drug dealer family man who murders men and teenagers when he has to, while also aspiring to be a record producer – is a big change from Mays’ turn as Franklin’s boy, Kevin. Hamilton. Snowfall. (Franklin, played by Damson Idris, killed Kevin in Season 2.) The big character differences made him want to play Lou-Lou even more, he admits.

“I’m not here to be famous,” the actor explains. “While it would be nice to be a celebrity, I think it makes you more believable as an artist when people see your line as a human being. How you can stretch out and be totally different people when your instrument is finely tuned. It says a lot about the human condition, especially because of who I am, where I come from and where I am from.

Snowfall, Kevin, Franklin and LeonIn this way, Book of Power III and Snowfall have more in common than he does, he says.

“Both shows have amazing castings, and some of my closest friends are on Snowfall», Shares Mays with pride. “Plum [Idris] is my brother and he’s one of the most talented actors alive right now. No one can tell me anything about him. Isaiah [John] and I speak regularly because we share life experiences. He becomes a father and I want to be domesticated and learn from him. He’s such a good man.

As for Book of Power III, Mays says fans will see Lou-Lou continue to wrestle with the man he is and the man he wants to be.

“We know Lou-Lou cares deeply about Raq and Jukebox, and his family and he has a code for what he does,” notes Mays. “When you see that, you’re going to have more empathy for him. [Executive producer] 50 Cent is really great to point out that no one liked his character Kanan until they realized he cared about Tariq. It is very insightful.

This is the type of character study that seems necessary in a genre-defying drama such as Book of Power III which deconstructs the motivations of criminal families.

“It’s like when Tony Montana said, ‘No women, no kids,’ he became endearing because he cared about something,” he supposes. “You are going to see Lou-Lou become more torn with the life he has now and where he wants to be.”

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