Psst! BTS RM workout routine is here. Are you sweating?

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South Korean rapper, songwriter and record producer Kim Nam-joon is better known by his stage name, RM. The South Korean boy band BTS is led by him. In 2015, RM released RM, his first solo mixtape. Surpassing 10 million subscribers on international music streaming service Spotify, BTS’ RM made history on June 23. With that, RM joins fellow BTS member J-Hope as the only other Korean solo artist to achieve this feat in the app’s history.

During a live broadcast, RM, Suga, and Jimin talked about their vacation, V’s recovery from COVID-19, and other topics. According to custom, the band members read comments from fans, including one regarding their physique. Jimin noted that RM’s arms are “thicker” now, but as usual, RM was humbled about his upgrades.

RM was tall and lean at the start of his career, but year after year he has put on more muscle. Now it’s understandable why ARMYs remark, “You can’t spell ‘arms’ without ‘RM'”, Today RM posted an Instagram Story detailing his current fitness regimen. Her exercise routine combines aerobics and strength training with activities like cycling, rowing, burpees and more. Among other workouts, the schedule calls for 50 overhead squats, 10 burpees, 30 push-ups and 20 pull-ups. Fans are very shocked and impressed when they find out about this training program.

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