Raymant Marwah excels as an avid musical catalog producer and owner of the Melody House record label.


Meet Raymant Marwah, the music producer who mesmerized audiences with his musical artistry. The owner of house music label Melody has come a long way.

The man has worked enormously with passion to create a musical profession that captivates listeners and amazes them with his skills. Hard work always pays off, his music is creating waves in the industry. Gifted with a sense of professional music, he has honed his skills through experience and daily learning. Today, Melody House is known for mastering the art of music with unique beats and beats every time.

Melody house works with the intention of bringing the world to the same platform called music and Raymant has that talent to make that possible. His recent songs have been heard the most around the world including – Prem Dhillon, Roka, Dreams Unfold, Pani Waangu, Viah Ch Gaah, Kareeb, Naseeba and many more. The skills and creativity in music creation of the eminent producer Raymant took the house of Melody to a new level of success. He is very popular on social networks like – Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/MelodyHouseOfficial), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/MelodyHouseOfficial), Twitter (https://twitter.com/MelodyHouse_7), Instant Chat (https://www.snapchat.com/add/MelodyHouse7) with massive subscribers and fan following.

As a music producer, Raymant always makes sure when recording a song that the end result is as good as possible by making sure a song is well produced and well recorded. His personal attention to everything when creating songs has always worked wonders for him, his team and his audience. Each song showed unique musical artistry, which is why he is the most successful music producer in the industry. The music industry is the hub of many artists and is one of the most competitive industries to work in and survive. Only a few gems like Raymant Marwah have achieved marvelous success in the music field with their amazing talent.

Keep entertained with his music and songs on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/MelodyHouseOfficial.


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