Replacements release new animated video for “Shutup”


Punk rock legends The Replacements have released a tumultuous new animated clip for “Shutup,” which will be featured on the band’s upcoming 40th anniversary reissue. Sorry Mom, I forgot to take out the trash. The video was hosted by Pat Moriarity and Seth Zeichner.

“Shutup” is animated in the style of an underground comic that would be featured in a punk zine, focusing on a disheveled portrayal of Paul Westerburg going in a panic on an urban punk scene. This chaos is juxtaposed with an equally wired lively live performance from the band.

Originally formed in 1979, The Replacements burst onto the Minneapolis punk scene with their nostalgic take on the genre, channeling influences from the Rolling Stones, Beatles, New York Dolls, Buzzcocks and Damned. Despite their mix of genres, The Replacements are also known for their rawness and energy, rather than sound produced to live up to the pitch.

“I’m going with goosebumps and ears,” Westerberg told Peter Wolf in an interview with Vanyaland. “When I feel it, then it’s done, it’s ready…. You do it with computers and all that, you can fix everything. And people do. Why compete with that? Anyone can make a perfect recording in their basement, their bedroom, on their phone. It will not help. I don’t want to make a perfect record.

A substitute’s “Favorite Thing” was covered by J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr., Robby Takac of Goo Goo Dolls, Chad Price of ALL, Darrin Pfeiffer of Goldfinger and Mikey Hawdon of Inner City Surfers last year.

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