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Leon Bridges
The Limitless Tour
White Oak Music Hall Lawn
August 3, 2022

There’s a line oft-quoted by American folk hero Davy Crockett that says “You can all go to hell, and I’ll go to Texas!”

This line alone seems to sum up the life of a certain gentleman named Todd Michael “Leon” Bridges, who was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but grew up and is now based in Fort Worth. His third studio album titled Sound of gold diggers was released in 2021, and it received praise from fans as well as a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Album.

It was an extremely pleasant and warm summer evening in Houston on Wednesday night, setting the stage and mood for Bridges on the lawn of White Oak Music Hall. As the sun dipped below the horizon, a cool breeze wafted over the crowd under the cotton candy-colored sky. As the lights of the Houston skyline began to flicker behind the stage, Leon and his wonderful band began their serenade with “Born Again,” the lead single from his latest release.

“Feeling born again, feeling joy again…your love will last forever!” sang Bridges as the opening track continued. I think many in the crowd reflected those sentiments after staying home without music or live concerts for much of the past two years.

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Fort Worth-based Leon Bridges performed on the lawn of White Oak Music Hall to a capacity crown in Houston, Texas.

Photo by Jennifer Lake

Not only are Leon’s fans smitten with his smooth and soulful voice, but they also appreciate his old school wardrobe, inspired dance moves, and super cool swagger. Its appeal is reminiscent of a combination of Elvis and John Legend, with equal parts James Brown and Stevie Wonder in the mix.

“I love all women, but I think it’s time to celebrate brown-skinned girls!” Bridges said while dedicating her track “Brown Skin Girl” to the beautiful Houston women in the audience. The night was filled with perfect changes of tempos and genres, which included blues, soul, funk, R&B and Rock & Roll.

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Leon Bridges swung between soul and R&B tracks throughout the night, dancing and grooving with inspired moves and heartfelt lyrics.

Photo by Jennifer Lake

Houston is the 4th leg of the Boundless Tour, which kicked off last week in Las Vegas, and will take it through 27 cities this summer. His band was as cool and energetic as Bridges, following every note and shimmy, playing loud and fast during the dance numbers, then soft and subdued for the love songs.

As Bridges went through her set list, the audience enthusiastically followed. Everyone praised favorites such as “Coming Home”, “Motorbike” and “Beyond”. But the loudest applause was heard during the encore when Leon played the opening notes of 2020’s “Texas Sun,” a collaboration with ever-popular band Khruangbin.

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Houston is the 4th leg of The Boundless Tour, which kicked off last week in Las Vegas, and will take Leon Bridges through 27 cities this summer.

Photo by Jennifer Lake

“I caress you from Fort Worth to Amarillo…come home with me until the sun goes down,” he sang with intoxicating charm. Leon allowed the crowd to sing along several verses as he flashed a wide smile and absorbed the energy and love of his fans.

It was a beautiful show filled with sentimental love letters, colorful lights and deep emotions. Bridges’ music is both therapeutic and uplifting, with plenty of dance numbers to keep your energy motivated and free. Thank you sir for shining your light on us; we are eternally grateful.


If you haven’t heard of MICK’s collaboration with Leon Bridges Coming Home To Texas, I strongly suggest you do so as soon as possible! :


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