Rick Rubin on Red Hot Chili Peppers: “I went to the first rehearsal after John joined the band, and it made me cry”


THE BEST OF 2021: Rick rubin has a deep history with a number of legendary musical acts and the Red hot peppers are arguably at the top of this list. It is therefore not a surprise to learn that he was in the front row of the group. meeting with the guitarist John Frusciante end of 2019. Despite everything, it seems that the return of the guitarist has always deeply affected him.

It really touched me in an emotional way

The legendary producer / songwriting coach / bearded musical sage was the guest on the 800th episode of Chri Jericho’s Talk Is Jericho podcast, and he also had some tasty tea to spill on the band’s comeback album with Frusciante.

“We’re wrapping up their new album right now actually,” Rubin revealed to Jericho. “Frusciante is back in the band and it’s amazing.” I went to the first rehearsal, which I was invited to after John joined the band and it made me cry. It was so exciting to see this group of people come together because they’ve been making such great music together for so long and it really touched me in an emotional way. “

If there was to be 12 songs on an album, they could write 50, they could write 100 to find those 12

Rubin has also developed a bit of his dynamic working with the LA band.

“With the Peppers, we talk about songs. They have very good habits in that they write a lot of songs, which I think we developed from the start – this idea of ​​crushing. have 12 songs on an album, they could write 50, they could write 100 to find those 12. They will play them for me in rehearsal and we will talk about them; about the strengths, the weaknesses of the song, how to improve them. we can do, where they work, where they don’t, and you try different things.

“I don’t necessarily have a way to fix them,” Rubin conceded, “But I notice where the weaknesses are and I just say,“ That part that goes into that part doesn’t sound so good, is there- there a better way to do it? Then they find a better way. “

As for the sound of the new album, Rubin dropped a little clue that suggests it could be eclectic. When Jericho expressed his love for the band’s 2006 double album, Stadium Arcadium, Rubin agreed.

“It’s great, and I hope you like the new stuff. I think if you like Stadium Arcadium you might like this,” Rubin suggested in the interview, which you can hear in full below.

As for Frusciante’s second return to Chili Peppers and the specific dynamic it brings, Rubin has his own perspective as an insider and a fan.

“I would say it’s the combination,” he explained. “When Flea and John play together, something magical happens. When Chad plays with Flea and John, something magical happens. When Anthony sings, from what these guys play, it sounds like Chili Peppers.

“There are flavors on the new album and when that happens it’s like, oh my god – nobody sounds like that. It’s so quintessentially Chili Peppers.”

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