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Vonda Shepard released her first album in the late 80s and although she had a decent career as a singer-songwriter afterwards, it wasn’t until she got her start as a bar singer on Ally McBeal in 1997 that his career took off. The singer made regular appearances as herself, performing at the lawyer characters’ favorite watering hole, and she also recorded and sang most of the songs for the show’s soundtrack, making her the inner voice of by Calista Flockhart Ally. The show’s theme song, “Searchin’ My Soul”, is from Shepard’s 1992 album, radical light, and she eventually became the show’s musical supervisor. Read on to find out what she’s been up to since. Ally McBeal was canceled in 2002.

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Shepard landed the role after Ally McBeal Creator David E. Kelley (who also created Chicago Hope, The practiceand big little Lies, among others) saw her perform at the Key Club in Hollywood when he was developing the series. The singer told the Smith Center in 2021 that she had invited him and her friend, Kelley’s wife since 1993, Michelle Pfeiffer, to come see her play. At the time, Kelley was looking for an inner voice for Ally and hired Shepard on the spot. “I was playing songs from my album, It’s good, Eveand those songs really resonated with David,” Shepard said. “He ended up using at least 10 songs from that album on the show.”

Vonda Shepard in 2000
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Be a must on Ally McBeal propelled Shepard to a new level of fame. “I remember one night, dragging my keyboard in the rain, in a club that held 30 people [before Ally McBeal]”, she told the Smith Center. “Switch to a year and a half later, and I’m on tour in Europe, playing a festival for 46,000 people, on the same bill with the Eurythmics, Stingand Matchbox 20.”

And it wasn’t just fame and big tours that came from the show. In total, Shepard released four studio soundtrack albums for the series and she won awards, including two Screen Actors Guild Best Ensemble trophies along with the rest of the cast.

Vonda Shepard on stage in 2015
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Of course, Shepard didn’t stop making music when Ally It’s over. Since 2002, she has released four studio albums, the most recent being 2015. Beginnerand three live albums, including those from 2019 Vonda: live. Shepard also continued to tour internationally and nationally. In June 2022, she announced that she would be relaunches its European tour late 2022, then back to tour the East Coast shortly thereafter. You can see tour dates on its official website and catch Shepard playing a mix of songs of Ally McBeal and his other records.

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Shepard is married to fellow musician and record producer, Mitchell Froomand this since 2004. Froom has worked with personalities such as Tracy Bonham, Sheryl Raven, Tracy Chapmanand Bonnie Raitt, among many other big names in the music industry. He is currently on tour with the group Crowded House, which has just released a new album in 2021. He has also collaborated with his wife.

The couple have a son, Jackwho was born in 2006, and Shepard is also stepmother to Froom’s daughter Rubywhom he hosted with his previous wife, singer Suzanne Vega.

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