Soundkraft & K Perez presents a live show of “San Juan Bass”, a new genre on the Tech House music scene.


The mighty duo put on a live show that showcases their genre-bending tech house music, or as they call it, “San Juan bass.” Reggaetón artists will take the party to a new level with their expert mixing, setting the tone for a night of dancing as the deepest bass beats pump through the air.

Carlos J. Morales aka Soundkraft, better known in the urban music scene as Hebreo, is one of Puerto Rico’s most prominent reggaeton and pop producers making waves in online streaming and the real places of the capital. With over 15 years of experience, an ear for tech house music and a knack for creating rhythms, the composer, artist and music producer creates music that is not only fresh, but can also turn into hits. club.

With a solid background in music production and composition, Hebreo has found his way into the world of urban music. His work with Puerto Rican artists such as famed rapper Hector El Father & Yomo d’Ozuna – caught the industry’s attention, with Carlos’ multi-faceted talents being instrumental in producing chart-topping hits. . Recently, he teamed up with another famous Puerto Rican musician and producer, K Perez, to create a new genre of music which they dubbed “San Juan Bass”.

The San Juan bass “is a unique blend of tech-house elements with Puerto Rican culture and rhythms to create something entirely original. As part of the adventure, Soundkraft & K Perez released a track Farruco , a San Juan bass remix well-received by techno music lovers. With thousands of views and plays on all major streaming platforms, the track reinvigorated the local Latin music cosmos with funky fusions and energizing rhythms.

After their first track became a smash hit on the holiday circuit, Soundkraft & K Perez are moving forward with a live performance to showcase their San Juan bass style of music. They are now actively preparing for an interactive show where they will mix live using Ableton and CDJs, resulting in a captivating live performance. On top of that, they have another quirky and refreshing blend named “Bomba y Plena” coming out this month. Released on August 20, this track will follow in the footsteps of their previous release to become an instant hit on the dance floor.

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