Staunch Moderates Intellectual Movement release brand new single “Olympics & Peace” from new label DJ Staunch™ Records. The single is a tribute to staunch moderates and the common tenet of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics to strive for world peace.


LOS ANGELES and ASPEN, Col., February 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — “Olympics Peace” was produced at the legendary Chicago Recording Company music studio in Chicago, IL. The track features rapper Casanova Ace (lead artist on The First Kingdom)and friend of the movement and former Olympic mogul skier Maggie Connor. “Olympics Peace” tells how countries in conflict come together for the Olympic Games and, through peace, compete and celebrate each other’s sporting achievements.

Moderate enthusiasts produced The first kingdom album last year (also from the Chicago Recording Company) as a unique platform to further spread the Movement’s message and provide a lyrical account of its origins. Having always viewed itself as both a national and international crusade, Staunch Moderates decided to leverage the global attention for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics to elevate the Movement’s mantra of bringing about world peace. on the international scene. While tensions have been high since the Games were organized by China and the conflict that is currently simmering Eastern Europethe intellectual movement of staunch moderates proactively joins the global conversation through “Olympics & Peace” and accompanying song releases.

Staunch Moderates is an intellectual movement that addresses the intellectual and political divide and fights for national and global peace. It was formed in December 2019 and kicked off by mobilizing to campaign for its movement throughout the 2020 election year. The movement actively campaigned in 16 different primary states holding 35 forums on vital societal issues , carrying out polls and producing several interviews with different political celebrities during conventions and debates, closing the presidential election campaign with a live broadcast on Election Day made up of a panel of 10 political celebrities who are friends of the movement.

In 2021, Staunch Moderates produced the 14-track R&B, jazzy, cool and hip hop album, “The First Realm” to help tell their story and document the story of the turbulent election/pandemic year 2020 in music.

Greg Simmonsthe Movement’s CEO, executive producer and artist of his music, said “from a lot of positive feedback, we hear that the music is the coolest hip hop sound a lot of people have ever heard, and that Casanova Ace sounds like Big little ones. Our group name is “DJ Staunch™.” Seal is an eight-foot-tall Bigfoot mascot and is the alter ego of the group and moderate intellectual movement Staunch.

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