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Young enthusiastic DJ who makes the world vibrate with incomparable rhythms and tones.

The world of entertainment is teeming with amazing talent. However, few achieve victory by captivating people with their miraculous tones. Rajdeep Singh Rawat is one such eminent person, the man of amazing musical talent.

Rajdeep Singh Rawat better known as DJ RIB was born in Jaipur Rajasthan on October 26, 1992. Growing up listening to music around him motivated and inspired him to make his passion his profession. He nurtured and shaped his innate talent which led him to create innovative new music.

From an early age he was deeply in love with music. He says “live for passion”, therefore, he took his passion as his creation and experimented with his rhythms and bass leading to an unbeatable victory.

Due to his enthusiasm, he has gained great popularity on various social media platforms. He was grateful to have performed in several shows and on many stages. The reaction he creates in people’s minds motivates him to shine in the world with incredible bass and rhythms.

His attitude of never giving up and learning new rhythms took his career to the next level. He says he “loves challenges” therefore he never disappoints with challenges that always block his path, he has fostered from his failures to new creations.

He believes that your passion and optimistic thoughts are the creators of your future. So shine with the hope of radiating the world with your talent.

The victory he believes is his music which enchants people by entertaining his fans. His popularity as a musical artist sparked the entertainment industry with captivating and enchanting beats and bass. He encouraged and inspired many young people to shine in the cloud of victory with the talent with which they were born.


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