The Meaning and History of Chase Rice’s “Ready Set Roll”


Off Chase Rice’s 2013 EP, and later released on its 2014 debut, ignite the nightRice co-wrote “Ready Set Roll” with Chris DeStefano, who also produced the track, and singer-songwriter Rhett Akins and marked her first collaboration with the two Nashville songwriters.

“With new writers, you never know how it’s going to be,” Rice said. “I knew Rhett very well, but I had never written with him. The first thing he said was ‘yeah, I like that.’ He was just very relaxed. I thought it would be different because he’s a great songwriter.

Rice added, “We all got on really well. Then I threw the ‘ready set let’s roll’ at the top of the chorus. We decided it was so catchy…so it turned into a chorus.


At first, “Ready Set Roll” had a completely different setting. “We had a different title, a title with the word ‘night’ in it,” Rice said. “We kind of worked on that and started dropping lines here and there. i dropped the line Damn pretty girl you went and did it again. Turned your sexy up 10. That’s what started writing and made me feel comfortable writing.

Damn pretty girl you did it again
You left and turned your sexy up to 10
I have never seen such a warm side seat
Baby, you move, hit the spot like a ball of fire
You get me high, my head is spinning again and again
I’m okay if you’re okay with burning down this town

Go Gold

Produced by Chris DeStefano – whose credits include Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Brett Eldredge, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, and more – and produced by Rhett Akins – both also helped produce the majority of the Ignite the Night album. – Rice was impressed with the final cut of “Ready Set Roll”.

“At the end of the day, we went from [writing ‘Ready Set Roll’] to hear what Chris did in the studio,” Rice said. “While we were writing the song, he was building the track that made it sound like it sounded on the radio today. At the end of the day, we had a complete song. I heard it and I thought to myself. said, ‘Why would I do this with another producer?’ »

He added, “’Ready Set Roll’ was a great day. I found my producer. I found my executive producer and wrote a gold record.

“Ready Set Roll” peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts and was the second best-selling country song with 42,000 copies sold in its first week and was certified platinum in 2014.

Controversial lyrics

“Ready Set Roll” is a simple summer hookup and party jam, speaking with ffireball shots, cruise aroundand pretty one and sexy girls. It’s all fun and games, but some lyrics—Put your little ass on the step / Shimmy insidesings Chase in a verse – drew criticism from female fans over the song’s lyrics upon its release.

Rice was quick to defend the meaning of the song, saying it was not meant to be demeaning towards women. and even referenced Maddie & Tae’s 2015 “Girl in a Country Song,” “Girl in a Country Song.”

“I think the reason women are viewed that way – and it’s not in a negative way at all – I don’t think it’s demeaning to tell a girl to get in my truck and drive” , Rice said. “I think that’s exactly what we’re doing. I have an ’85 Chevy Silverado, and I have a bench seat where the girl can sit right next to me. She can slip on it. That’s literally why we sing about it.

He added: “My main thing is that there are a lot of girls who will love [‘Girl in a Country Song’], but there are also a lot of girls who want to get in the truck and leave. That’s why I think it’s OK.

Put your little ass on the step
Shimmy inside,
Just slide girl by my side girl
Yeah we can run this town
I can rock your world
We can roll ’em down, mist ’em
Navigate around the pedal stuck in the metal
‘Til the sun comes up
I made a deal with the man on the moon
He’ll be working overtime, we’ve got all night
On your marks, let’s go

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