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Thomas Wesley Pentz, also known as Diploma, is an accomplished and renowned American DJ, songwriter and record producer. His stage name, Diplo, comes from his childhood interest in dinosaurs – specifically, the Diplodocus. Today, the man known to the world as Diplo has taken the next step in his truly incredible career. In March 2022, Thomas Wesley Pentz announced the release of his self-titled new album “Diplo”.

Pentz has always possessed a unique gift for creating music and a strong love for being a DJ that captures audiences. Diplo’s new album reconnects Pentz with his musical roots. Diplo is the result of a three-year passion project that was a deep dive into the world of house music that Pentz loved as a teenager. His career has been so successful in the electronic genre, and here Pentz’s musical journey comes full circle. Moreover, this album was organized with the intention of being shot. Allowing Pentz to return to where his career began – DJing.

Thomas Wesley Pentz loves to DJ live, and Diplo was created especially for Pentz to tour his favorite cities around the world. As a celebration of his career thus far, his love of DJing, his early career, and his lifelong passion for music, Diplo reflects Thomas Wesley Pentz’s musical life thus far. He may have come full circle, but he’s further ahead than when he started.

From his days as a DJ at the University of Philadelphia to launching a solo album produced by his own record label, Thomas Wesley Pentz has built a career from the ground up. His unique style and combination of sounds have thrilled audiences since the late 90s. Pentz continues to leave his mark on the music industry. His professional journey culminated this year on March 4 when he released his own self-titled album. Every Diplo track embodies his true love and passion for DJing around the world. Diplo is the first solo album the artist has released in 18 years. This album launch is all the more significant as it was produced by his own record company. The career and artistry of Thomas Wesley Pentz only got better with time. The Diplo album builds on his already impressive legacy. It also highlights his unique, creative and eclectic artistic vision.

Unique style of Thomas Wesley Pentz

At 43, Thomas Wesley Pentz already has a long and admirable career. From writing the Grammy-nominated hit “Paper Planes” sung by MIA to owning his own record label called Mad Decent, he’s been making steady progress. Although he became better known around 2004, he was making his mark even in college. Pentz was the go-to DJ at parties while attending Temple University in Philadelphia. In 2003, he and his DJ pal Low Budget collaborated and became known as two of Philadelphia’s top DJs. Together they were known as “Hooked on Holleronix”. Thomas Wesley Pentz has always captured the attention of crowds with an eclectic ability to mix great artists. His particular talent for organizing unexpected mixtapes would allow him to present a unique mix of artists such as Björk and Lil Jon, for example. Who would think of putting these two together? Well, Thomas Wesley Pentz did it in his early days as a DJ, and it was a hit. He continues to use his ability to blend artists that audiences don’t expect into his music today.

Thomas Wesley Pentz maintained his creative vision and eclectic musical influence throughout his career. In his more than two decades in the music industry, he has accumulated many musical influences, from Miami bass to country music. Having spent most of his youth in Miami, Pentz’s music still retains a prominent Miami bass influence. Although certain influences have remained constant in his music, his style certainly cannot be pigeonholed.

His new album not only features the soul and R&B style of Leon Bridges, but also the hip-hop and rap influence of Busta Rhymes and the electronic dance vibes of Kareen Lomax and Paul Woolford. Never afraid to mix pop, electronic dance and hip hop, the eponymous album Diplo will draw on Pentz’s musical gifts and passions. Thomas Wesley Pentz demonstrates that even throughout his unique career, he always had a strong sense of himself as an artist. This allows him to bring together pieces from a wide range of influences while staying true to his roots.

Jasper Goggins, president of Diplo’s label, Mad Decent, says the new album may be the best since. Florida. He called it fantastic and defining for Thomas Wesley Pentz. All collaborations featured on this album were chosen by Diplo itself, instead of studio engineering and marketing. Goggins mentions how these featured collaborations show Diplo’s love for live DJing and working with others in the industry. As a true artist, Thomas Wesley Pentz offers an obvious talent and the gift of an artistic vision. His appreciation of music and a diverse array of artists only makes Diplo stronger. While many artists struggle to stand the test of time, Pentz’s ability to innovate allows him to evolve while remaining true to his qualities as a musician. Her ability to appreciate, work with and celebrate multiple genres at once truly reflects her pure love of music.

Diplo on tour

To satisfy his passion, launch his new album and share his love of music around the world, Diplo is preparing to take the stage during a world tour from March to November 2022. The tour will start in Barcelona and will continue in Europe in France, in England. , Belgium and Italy. Thomas Wesley Pentz will also play sets in Argentina, Chile and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. US tour stops include Las Vegas, NV., Miami, FL., Fort Worth, TX., Ennis, TX., Greenway, DC., Tampa, FL., Inglewood, CA., Indio, CA ., San Francisco, CA., Bridgeview, IL., Bronx, NY., and Seattle, WA.

Passionate about connecting with audiences through music, Thomas Wesley Pentz’s tour is a celebration. Fans can join Pentz in celebrating the love of sharing music around the world. Every song, artist and collaboration was built with this tour in mind. The Diplo album was to be shot in Pentz’s favorite cities around the world. Join Thomas Wesley Pentz in a city near you.

What to expect on the album

With an eclectic and energetic group of artists, Diplo’s years of experience as a beloved DJ and producer have resulted in this well-curated electronic dance album. Having worked with some of the biggest artists in the world, he is loved in the industry. His production experience, his eclectic musical vision and his sense of artistry make him well equipped to organize a unique album. His creative vision mixed with his ability to bridge the gap between seemingly opposing sounds is what sets him apart.

You can listen to “Don’t Forget My Love” with Miguel, which was released on February 11 for a preview of what’s yet to come. The impressive list of artists featured on the album also includes Leon Bridges, Lil Yachty, Aluna, RY X and Busta Rhymes, to name a few.

The 14-track album debuts the Grammy-nominated song, “On My Mind” featuring SIDEPIECE. Diplo also includes four previously released singles, “Promises” and “Looking For Me” featuring Paul Woolford and Kareen Lomax, “Don’t Be Afraid”, featuring Damian Lazarus and Jungle, and “One By One” featuring Andhim and Elderbrook.

Over his 25-year career, Thomas Wesley Pentz has built incredible momentum and worked with top artists in the music industry. He produced Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Madonna, Snoop Dogg, Usher, 2Chainz, Quavo and Bruno Mars. The release of his self-titled album is a living example that even after incredible success, there is always room to grow as an artist. The career and artistic talent of Thomas Wesley Pentz are constantly evolving. Diplo is certainly an album to be proud of, and fans will appreciate.

See the full tracklist of the album, Diplo here:

  1. Don’t Forget My Love feat. Michael
  2. High Rise feat. Bridges of Leon and Amtrac
  3. Your eyes feat. RYX
  4. One By One feat Elderbrook & andhim
  5. Kareen Lomax and Paul Woolford promises
  6. Right 2 Left with Busta Rhymes & Melé
  7. Humble feat. Lil Yachty
  8. In My Mind feat. SIDE PIECE
  9. Fear Not feat. June and Damien Lazare
  10. Let You Go with Kareen Lomax and TSHA
  11. Forget Me (Nite Version) feat. Aluna & Durante
  12. Make You Happy with WhoMadeWho
  13. I’m waiting for you feat. Desire and Seth Troxler
  14. Looking For Me feat. Kareen Lomax and Paul Woolford

During his career, Thomas Wesley Pentz has been nominated for 10 Grammy Awards and has worked with the biggest stars in the industry. He went from selling records from his car to working with Kanye West to owning his own record label. He made a name for himself at house parties in Philadelphia to go on his own tour around the world. Thomas Wesley Pentz epitomizes hard work, courage, talent, and true artistry.

“Diplo” is a looping moment – a once-in-a-career album that fans won’t want to miss.

Photo: “Diplo, Main Stage @ExitFestival 2013” by Exit Festival is tagged with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


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