Toronto producer Eva Shaw releases long-awaited album, ‘SOLO’


After releasing energetic singles “MIDNIGHT STRANGERS” and “EASTERISLAND” earlier this year, Eva Shaw released their long-awaited massive debut album. A project born of years of jostling, SOLO is the buildup of the Toronto-based producer’s craft so far.

Featuring 30 different artists on 27 tracks, SOLO shows Shaw’s range as a producer, floating through EDM, hip-hop and pop. After spending years in New York, Shaw quit as she fell ill early on, forcing her to slow down and refine the mark she wanted to make in the music industry.

“I started to explore and experiment. I didn’t think too much about which playlist or radio station [the project] was intended,” Shaw says of the album. “I just did what I thought was cool and what kind of made me feel. This process was crucial for me in order to find what I’m best at and this project is an accumulation of pure and real feelings and experiences. SOLO is really my starting point.

“I’m growing as a producer and artist and I have to let this project out so I can become what I envision,” she continues. “Music producers are easily more withdrawn, but I’ve always enjoyed playing as an artist and be behind the scenes on the production side. I’m shy, introverted and creative, but I’m also that crazy DJ who will give you a crazy performance and show up in a ski mask wearing a dress and sneakers.

To listen SOLO in its entirety below:


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