Tuesday, April 26, 2022: Juneau music producer Mike Maas releases a new album. Update on the Riverview Senior Living housing program. Homeless Connect Project. CBJ Parks and Rec launches the 3rd Annual Walk Southeast Challenge.

Mike Maas and Alyssa Fischer collaborated together on Crestfallen. Maas says Fischer’s voice was a perfect fit for the music on his new album (Photo courtesy of Mike Maas).

Mike Maas is a songwriter from Juneau, producing what he calls “chill pop,” a mix of musical influences that includes rhythm and blues, as well as jazz.

During the Juneau afternoon of this Tuesday, a chance to hear some excerpts from Maas’ new album, Crestfallen, which features the voice of Alyssa Fischer.

Also in this program:

  • From floor plans to prices, what the new Riverview Senior Living project has to offer.
  • How Glory Hall and St. Vincent de Paul partnered to connect those in need with services.
  • And a battle for bragging rights is about to begin. Which Southeast Alaska community will be walking, running and walking the most this summer?
Rhonda McBride, producer of Juneau Afternoon

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Guests: Mike Maas, music producer, Blue Nagoon. Alyssa Fischer, singer on Crestfallen.
When Mike Maas wrote the first song for his new album, Crestfallen, he called out for a vocalist — and when Alyssa Fischer responded, he was surprised her voice fit the piece so perfectly. The collaboration has led to more songs that explore what Maas calls the “little moments in our lives that can feel disproportionately important.”
Artistic representation of the Riverview Senior Living community, scheduled to open in 2023.

Guests: Sioux Douglas, Riverview Senior Living volunteer. Lori Schultz, Northstar Senior Living
Riverview Senior Living is expected to open next year. The long-awaited housing project will provide assisted living and memory care in a beautiful setting. Sioux Douglas, who worked on Riverview Senior Living for more than ten years, hopes it will create a thriving community for Juneau’s growing senior population.

Guests: Dave Ringle, General Manager, St. Vincent de Paul. Luke Vroman, Assistant Manager, Glory Hall.
St. Vincent de Paul, Glory Hall and a number of other organizations have teamed up for Project Homeless Connect, a day-long event that attempts to connect those in need to services to help stabilize their lives. This year’s event will be somewhat different from previous years. Instead of gathering at Centennial Hall in downtown Juneau, there will be a street fair in the Valley at the Glory Hall and St. Vincent de Paul parking lots.

Guests: Lauren Verrelli, Recreation and Public Services Manager, City and Borough of Juneau.
You can walk around Southeast Alaska without having to leave Juneau. That’s the talk from organizers of this year’s Southeast Walk as they prepare for this year’s event, which is sponsored by the city’s Parks and Recreation Department and the Borough of Juneau.

All you have to do is sign up and track how many miles you’ve walked, run or hiked this summer. Several communities in the Southeast are involved this year. Everyone adds up the kilometers of all their participants to find out which city walks the most. Wrangell had bragging rights last year.

Petersburg and Wrangell accepted a challenge from Juneau to see which community has the highest average miles traveled per participant (Photo courtesy of CBJ Parks and Rec).

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