Usain Bolt’s debut album “Country Yutes” hits the road


Usain Bolt’s debut album “Country Yutes” hits the road

There are no impossible goals for Usain Bolt and releasing a Dancehall album was not going to be. Earlier this year, the former Jamaican sprinter announced he will be releasing an album this year and the big day is approaching this Friday, September 3. ‘Yutes Country‘is the former sprinter’s debut record, but the name Usain Bolt has been on the charts for quite some time. This year, Bolt has already shared five singles, which are part of this album. ‘Living the dream‘,’Say less‘,’Need your love‘,’Hourly‘and more recently’It is a party‘, will be part of the 14 track’ Country Yutes’ tracklist.

In an interview with Zip FM, Bolt said:

“We’re just trying to gain a foothold, trying to make people understand that we’re not just here to be joking. We’re serious about music so we’re just going to take our time just like in athletics it’s all about work and dedication and just taking our time. We don’t want to rush anything, make mistakes, so we’re going to take our time. We will get there. We believe in ourselves and we believe in the product we are marketing ‘

This long-running Dancehall production is a collaboration between Usain Bolt and his good friend and executive director Nugent ‘NJ’ Walker and will be published via Bolt’s imprint Team lifestyle.

His resume as an athlete includes eight gold medals at the Olympics and as a music producer Bolt also wants to achieve the awards. In another interview with World Music Views, the former sprinter said:

“I want to win a Grammy, that would be the most important thing for me. That’s my end goal ‘

Usain Bolt’s thirst for achievement is indeed fiery, and he seems to embark on this musical adventure with the same verve he imposed on his sports career. The release of this album will undoubtedly be a chance for Bolt to show his creativity and vision as a producer and gain ground in the industry.

While waiting for the big release, watch the clip of the latest single ‘It’s a Party’ below:

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