Why I can’t stop making reggae music –Buchi


Popular Gospel reggae musician Buchi Atuonus said he never saw him quitting reggae music.

In an interview with Sunday spoon, he said, “I didn’t make the decision to play reggae music. On the contrary, he chose me. I grew up listening to reggae music and it became a part of me. I got involved professionally as a DJ in a reggae nightclub. When I became a Christian and it was time to sing, naturally what I had internalized is what came out. Fortunately, I was in a place where I was made to understand that there was nothing wrong with any kind of music. It helped me express myself and understand the purpose of the music, so why change it? Whatever the current trends, I refuse to leave reggae music. My romance with reggae music runs much deeper than trends. This is my soul which is connected to the sound.

Speaking on the inspiration behind his latest song, Yes Lord, he said: “I learned 12 years ago that something was going to happen in the church and there would be a ‘separation’. The house of David will be separated from the house of Saul. This word came to me in a hotel room in Bayelsa State in 2010. Then earlier this year I had a vision where I saw a banner that read “Yes Lord” . Certain developments in my life have begun to give me signs that there is something God wants me to do urgently. That’s what brought the song. It was a response to a call. »

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