Online loan – how to borrow safely online?

The development of the Internet has brought us, its users, a lot of new opportunities and benefits resulting from the ability to efficiently navigate its resources. Thanks to the Internet, the use of many services has become much easier. Financial services have also become more available, often at your fingertips.

Many banks and non-bank institutions make it possible to use their offer via the website or via a mobile application. Thanks to this, funds from the loan or credit granted can reach us a few minutes after completing a simple online form and the lender has issued a positive credit decision. The ease with which such commitments can be made can pose some risks. What to look for to make an online loan safe?

One of the most important sources of information


About a loan company should be its website. After entering the lender’s website, you should find all the relevant information about the company and the financial products it offers. You will probably find information about the name, address of the registered office and company registration data at the bottom of the page, e.g. the number of the entry in the National Court Register. By using this data you will be able to verify the credibility of the lender.

In the footer, you will most likely also find a representative example, containing information about the costs you will incur when making a financial commitment. This is very important information for you – based on a representative example, you will be able to easily figure out what the installment amount is and the individual cost components for the average loan amount offered by the lender.

Another important section on the site is the tab where you will find the company’s contact details and information on how to contact it. If you have doubts or questions regarding the services offered by the lender, it is worth calling the helpline number or filling out a simple contact form – after a few minutes a telephone consultant should call us back and he will be able to answer our questions.

If you cannot find data about the company name on the loan company’s website, or if the company’s headquarters are located abroad, you should be especially vigilant.

When deciding on an online loan, you should consider the best large companies based in Poland. It is also worth checking how long the company has been operating on the Polish market – the longer this time, the better for us, because we know that the company has already been checked by many other customers.

Inference process

Inference process

Once you make your choice and make sure that the company you want to commit to is credible, you can proceed to the application process. In the case of an online loan, you probably won’t need to have any additional documents with you, such as an income certificate from your employer. Often, the data from your ID card is enough to submit an application. After completing all fields of the application, you will receive a loan proposal and the content of the contract.

At the last step, the lender will probably ask you to confirm your identity. You will probably be able to do it without leaving your home, e.g. using a verification transfer. After your application has been approved, the money can be transferred to your account within a few minutes.

Opinions of Internet users

Opinions of Internet users

All the important documents and information will reach you by e-mail. If something raises your anxiety while filling out the application, it is worth contacting customer service to ask additional questions. Many questions are answered on the lender’s website. If it is otherwise and you have any doubts, you should consider giving up an online loan.

An online loan is becoming more and more popular due to its availability. Many customers who have used the services of a given company share their experiences and opinions on internet forums or financial portals. A good way to verify the lender can be to review these reviews. Already after reading a few of them we will know if the company has a positive or negative reception.

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