2021 top 10 new Nigerian songs you need for your playlist


Currently, the world’s attention has been drawn to Afrobeat in the midst of how it reformed its status to the top beats and most people around the world are ecstatic.

In this article, we will describe the best songs that the Afrobeat maestros produced in 2021; they are labeled as the songs of the year.

Below are the top 10 new Nigerian songs of 2021 that you need for your playlist.

Mayorkun & Victony – Holy Father

Former DMW star Mayorkun and the new extraordinary face of the industry known as Victony bonded and gave an outstanding performance on the song tagged “Holy Father”.

The song is recognized as one of the hit songs on Mayorkun’s debut album, “Back In Office”, released last month.

“Holy Father” is a song they composed from their class to describe the nostalgia they developed for their highly endowed wife and also to announce the yearning they developed for her body.

Although it was released last month, the song topped several charts, proving the beauty they displayed on the song. Victony also gave credit to the song with the quality of her vocals.

Without a doubt, music lovers have chosen “Holy Father” as one of the biggest hit songs of the year.

Fave – Baby Riddim

Fave is a 2021 breakout artist from Nigeria. His musical prowess demonstrated that nigerian music isn’t going away anytime soon.

She is a Nigerian songwriter and singer who has captured the hearts and minds of music lovers with her track “Baby Riddim” and other popular songs she has released since taking the limelight.

Because a large number of listeners admitted the song’s beauty, the single “Baby Riddim” earned its place among the best afrobeat singles of 2021.

In the song “Baby Riddim”, Fave pointed out her man’s attractiveness and expressed her true love for him in a fantastic rhythm.

Many people, as the term suggests, find

Reekado Banks – Ozumba Mbadiwe

Ex-Mavin Record Label star Reekado Banks worked so hard in the studio and released a song considered one of the greatest songs of 2021.

“Ozumba Mbadiwe” is a neighborhood located in Lekki Toll Gate Lagos Nigeria. One of the main reasons people release this hit single is on the label “The Song of the Lekki Toll Gate Massacre”.

The Lekki Toll Gate Massacre is a horrific massacre that occurred on October 20, 2020 in Lekki Toll Gate. Innocent and unarmed young Nigerian demonstrators protesting against the police and the brutality of SARS were shot dead while some were either beheaded or shot and wounded by gunmen in Nigerian army uniforms. This was recently proven by the Lagos State Commission of Inquiry just days after the event.

Reekado Banks dedicated the song to them and also released it on October 20, 2021, a day marked as the Lekki Toll Gate Massacre Memorial Day.

Despite such a big take, people are also delighted with the rhythm of the song and play it according to their tastes. It is recognized as one of the greatest songs of 2021 in the Afrobeat program.

Timaya – Cold Outside (feat. Buju)

Timaya aka Papichulo, who rose to prominence with his debut single “Timaya”, joined 2021 star artist Buju and offered a class that the whole world is currently enjoying.

They collaborated and delivered the song “Cold Outside” in great shape.

It’s a song about their new life decision, which has to do with women and reality.

This song has captivated a large number of people regardless of how they listened to it.

“Cold Outside” was named one of the top ten afrobeat songs of 2021, having captured the interest of music fans.

Adekunle Gold – High (feat. Davido)

Nigerian singer and songwriter Adekunle Gold’s song “High”, featuring Davido, was named the club’s number one song in 2021. The song deserves its place at the top.

Adekunle Gold and Davido formed a relationship and emitted a class of their well-known musical abilities. Nigerians and other Afrobeat lovers around the world have enjoyed this fantastic music, which ranges from rhythm to lyrics.

In the song “High”, the two mainly addressed their opulent lifestyles and the attractiveness of women. It’s also at the top of other music sites, including Audiomack.

The greatness of their music is undeniable.

Joeboy – Sip (alcohol)

Phenomenal Nigerian artist Joeboy has been praised by Tiktok users for providing them with the popular tune they all used to create stylish content. This boosted the popularity of Joeboy’s song “Alcohol”, which was played by millions of Tiktok users.

Nigerian singer and songwriter Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa-Donus, also known as Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa-Donus, took his time and released the track “Alcohol”.

He spoke about his anxiety and regained vitality, explaining how alcohol helps him cope with his suffering and trauma.

His listeners supported him and broadcast the song massively, propelling it to the top of the charts.

Bad Boy Timz – Move

Bad Boy Timz, a Nigerian artist, also entered the studio and released a song that is widely regarded as the best of the year.

On the song “Move” he showed incredible talent without a doubt.

The song “move” is about happiness. With his track “Move”, Bad Boy Timz left the mark of cheerfulness and positive feelings. His song “Move” is widely regarded as one of the best songs of the year 2021.

Kencci – Sixteen Am ft. Mayadox

Kencci is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who gave Nigerians one of the greatest songs of the year.

He bonded with the Nigerian rap sensation Igbo Mayadox and gave a lesson on the song tagged “Enter am“which currently tops many rankings.

“Sixteen Am” recites more about the bustle of the ghetto, the beauty of the women, the blings and the consistency. He and Mayadox proved their worth on the song which was tagged as one of the hits of the year 2021.

Buju – Never stopped

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Buju via his musical qualities also added the single labeled “Never Stop” to one of his hit singles of the year 2021.

The emerging artists of 2021 have already released a few songs that earned their place at the top of the year 2021. He won’t be stopping anytime soon after he was able to boost his status with a new song titled “Never Stopped.”

As the name suggests, Buju described his restlessness, energy, and the aspiration he developed to keep pushing. It won the passion of the people who regularly broadcast the song.

Buju’s “Never Stopped” has established itself as one of the greatest Nigerian hits of the year 2021.

Lojay & Sarz – Monalisa

Lojay, the new phase of the Nigerian Singers Forum, has also teamed up with music producer and songwriter Sarz to release the song that has delighted millions around the world.

Lojay is recognized as one of the emerging artists of 2021 who has earned his place among the youngest Nigerian artists to make waves in the industry.

The song “Monalisa” describes the beauty of Monalisa and the loving affection he developed for her image. This song is mostly used by couples, especially during wedding ceremonies.

Nigerians and other Afrobeat listeners continuously played this song and it took her to the top. It topped major music charts and was ranked as one of the greatest Afrobeat hits of 2021.


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