Are Laura and Peter still together? Insider Update


With twisted mind games, manipulation, tears, arguments, and ugly truths being a constant feature, “Insiders” is a reality series like no other. Here, contestants enter a ‘Big Brother’ style setting, believing they have just entered the final casting phase for an upcoming production.

However, they don’t actually audition; unbeknownst to them, the contest for 100,000 € has already started. This show bothers everyone, but since Laura and Peter met in Season 1, their bond has settled them more than they could have imagined. So here’s what we know about them now!

Laura and Peter’s insider journey

When Laura Núñez first introduced herself, she said that she was “selfish” and listened poorly, which she made up for by being honest and genuine. The 25-year-old added that she was single and had been for a long time, but she wouldn’t mind meeting someone new on the Netflix original. Sneaky and strategic, Peter Base apparently arrived with a whole different mindset, but it all went out the window soon after. Once he explained to her that Laura was just her type and that the producers started asking questions that focused only on her, he decided to keep his distance, but it didn’t work at all.

Peter wanted to focus on his tactics and observe others instead of forging a romantic angle, so he tried to give him a cold shoulder. It didn’t work because of their surroundings, and the more he got to know Laura, the easier it became for him to start loving her. At first it seemed like Peter was using her while she was developing real feelings, but everything between them was mutual. They kissed as soon as they reached the final week, and Peter ultimately sacrificed himself to make sure she would be in contention to win, stating that he wouldn’t be anywhere without her.

Are Laura and Peter still together?

Laura Núñez and Peter Base’s relationship on ‘Insiders’ was almost idyllic. It was the type of involvement we see in successful couples in real life who have open conversations, respect, and sheer affection between them. This duo complemented each other perfectly. Even when Laura told him that she didn’t want to spend all nights sleeping together after learning about her initial strategic plans, they didn’t have an unnecessary argument. Instead, they settled their emotions and then spoke. As Peter ultimately stated, he won without winning because he found someone he wanted in his life forever.

Neither Laura nor Peter have explicitly defined their relationship status at the time of writing, but according to her social media it appears she doesn’t want to reveal what is going on in her private life right now, but added that ‘she is extremely happy and will not change. his actions or whatever happened on the show. With that, we think it’s safe to assume that the Madrid-based actress and record producer, DJ, and software engineer are still together. The fact that they’re both in the entertainment industry might have helped them establish their connection on another common ground, so we remain optimistic.

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