Bob Moses shares ‘Love Brand New’ from album Forthchoming Studio


Grammy-winning duo Bob Moses release third studio album The silence between the two with the new single “Love Brand New”. The album will be released via Astralwerks on March 4th.

“‘Love Brand New’ is about being newly in love and trying not to get lost as you navigate the world feeling like you’re seeing everything for the first time, like it’s brand new,” Bob Moses shares in a statement.

Plunging into the emotion of a new romance, “Love Brand New” is inspired by Nine inch nails, Gesaffelstein and Prince for booming industrial sound. The writing of the single began in 2019 with Michel Zitron and John Martin, well known for their work with electronic powers Avicii and Swedish house mafia.

“We knew there was something there, but the tour intervened,” they continued. “We finally got back to it in 2020, and it became one of the first finished for our new album. We shot the video in a cold storage facility in Montreal last December, but we look pretty warm.

The accompanying “Love Brand New” music video was directed by photographers and directors Adrian Villagomez and Derek Branscombe. The cinematic visual finds the duo, consisting of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance, delivering a daring performance of the track while a series of vignettes centering on a diverse set of characters exploring love are interspersed between the scenes.

The theme of resilience is the basis of The Silence in Between. Talk with Billboard, Bob Moses’ Vallance shared, “We had no idea what the future held, if we could still tour, when we could release another record. There was a lot of fear and uncertainty, but from there came this feeling of not wanting to creatively hold back.

He continued: “It’s now or never. This is our story from when the world locked down to the rebirth that is happening now: the silence between those times. All of that fear, that longing, that uncertainty, and ultimately that hope poured into our lyrics.

After the release of the album, Bob Moses will go on the road. The 25-date trek will begin in Tucson, Arizona on March 20 and end in Vancouver on May 21. Dates and ticket details can be found on the Bob Moses official website.

Pre-order The silence between the two, released on March 4.


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