Colombian crime musical kills him on Netflix


“La Reina del Flow,” also known as “The Queen of Flow,” is an Emmy-winning telenovela (via IMDb) that captured the attention of Netflix subscribers. The show’s second season was recently added to the streaming service, giving fans the chance to watch Yeimy Montoya continue to rebuild his life through 89 episodes.

Season 1 of “The Queen of Flow” features Yeimy (María José Vargas) as a talented and loving musician who is accused of drug trafficking after witnessing her crush and bandmate, Charly Cruz (Juan Manuel Restrepo) , shoot someone during a robbery. In prison, Yeimy learns to defend herself and realizes that Charly, together with her infamous uncle, has tricked her.

17 years later, Yeimy is presumed dead and works as an undercover agent to take down the men who ruined his life. She poses as a music producer and lures her former lover, now known as Charly Flow (Carlos Torres), who stole her writing notebook and used it to become a star. The season portrays Yeimy’s long road to vengeance, but Season 2 reminds viewers that his story is far from over.

All of this to say that “The Queen of Flow” has a little something for everyone: revenge, murder, love, fame, redemption and much more. It’s not hard to see why it’s proving so popular with Netflix subscribers.


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